Do you hear the
Call of the Priestess?

Is dance an expression of your soul?

Anandha Ray Iseum Quimera

The Way of the Priestess

A 3-day retreat
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The Priestesses
of the Iseum of Quimera


Invite you to join us
for a 3 day retreat


To experience
the richness
of the work we do
as dancing priestesses


In this three day
introductory retreat
you will experience
a shamanic form of dance called

          Quimera Method

This method
allows you to create dances from deep within your soul…

To channel
the human experience…


To heal through movement…


To open portals of healing
for those who witness your dance…


Even, if you choose…
to communicate
beyond the veil
and experience other realms.

Anandha Ray Iseum Quimera

Are you ready to sign-up?
Fill out and intention form and we’ll read it and send you a link to register.

We like to keep our containers quite intimate. Registration is limited. If you are interested, contact us soon.

Early Registration ends June 25

The Way of the Priestess

Are you excited to experience a profound
transformation of your spirit
as expressed through
ritual dance?

Anandha Ray Grief

Having heard the call of the Priestess, we gather to dive deeply into the womb. Held in healing energies of the medicine of movement we call in the healing that allows us to live full, rich lives that embody the balanced energies present when we are totally engaged in our authentic being.

Here we re-connect.  Here we remember.

Perhaps just meeting one another, perhaps finally reconnecting after a lifetime or more of separation.

We will explore tools of Quimera Ritual Dance called:

Intuitive Technique, Waking Dreams and Movement Landscapes

Join us for a transformational experience in these three days of ritual dance experiences.

Dance * Rituals * Performances *  Ceremonies * Tranformation * Community * Healing * Being

    Are you interested in discovering the mystery of what it means to become a Priestess of Isis with the Iseum of Quimera?

    This immersion provides an opportunity to experience the work we do together in the Iseum of Quimera.

    If you wish to join us, fill out an intention form and we’ll send you an invitation to register.


    3:00 pm
    Arrive at Isis Oasis after 3:00 pm -come early to orient and relax.  Select your bed in the Lodge Dormitory and set up your space to feel comfortable.

    At 5:00 pm
    The Council of Quimera will host dinner to welcome you, and will excuse themselves early to prepare for the creation of a magical performance portal as you get to know each other over the sharing of a meal.

    6:45 pm
    The gateway opens! Gather at the large Temple to be smudged, anointed and blessed to witness an informal Performance Ritual, featuring ritual performances by members of Quimera Ritual Dance.

    After the performance we will create a talking circle to further orient for this journey into the ways of the Priestesses of Quimera.

    Workshops and Performance

    8:00 am
    Quimera Priestess Naia Riley, who is a nutritionist and dietician, will provide our meals! Breakfast served from 8:00 -9:00. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

    10:00 Then the day will begin with Intuitive Technique, a form Anandha created that provides the opportunity to deepen your understanding of dance in a way that propels your abilities in dance in just one class.  All levels of dancer are welcome.

    11:00 Following this class there will be an introduction to the ritual dance form called Movement Landscapes, allowing you to understand how dance becomes a healing modality for both the dancer and those who witness.

    Noon We will enter the small Temple for Noonrite, a ritual of the Temple of Isis that allows us to re-center our day to focus on becoming the best version of our self.

    12:30 Lunch provided then rest: Hot tub, Journal, Get to know each other

    2:30 After your meal break please arrive early to be prepared to begin at 2:30 for a sepcial ceremony called a Waking Dream. 

    3:15 Following the ceremony we will gather for a download of a Wisdom Teaching. These teaching are tools that allow the community that is QUimera to function in healthy long-term relationships. Wisdom Teaching

    4:30 we will gather to learn a Movement Landscape that can be performed that evening for each other

    6:00 Dinner and a break to prepare for Community Performance
    You will perform for each other!

    QUIMERA PERFORMANCE WEAR: Bring something solid white to wear that you can dance in, paint your nails gold, wear only metallic jewelry, fix your hair out of your face, bring white eyeliner to be initiated with a Quimera line, a spiritual marking to prepare one for performance.

    8:00 Ceremonial opening for performance and The Ritual Ceremonial Performance begins!
    Everyone is invited to perform:

    Your own dance as desired
    And one you will learn in the retreat

    8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast  Join us in the Pavilion for a lovely relaxed catered breakfast.

    9:30     Integration: Hearing the Call: The Quimera Connection

    10:00   Intuitive Technique

    11:00  Closure Ceremony

    12:00 Check Out
    Check out of the dorm and then join us for lunch to end the retreat.

    12:30 LUNCH

    Join us for a delicious gourmet meal in the Pavilion

    After you are checked out and eaten lunch, you are free to explore and tour the grounds of the beautiful Isis Oasis.

    This event is an introduction to
    The Way of the Priestess

    In the lineage of
    the Iseum of

    Contact Anandha Ray

    Pictured Quimera Ritual Dance in concert “Rituales de la Noche”, Rosarito, Mexico, 2019

    In this workshop, you will receive:


    • Classes and ceremonies with Rev. Anandha Ray, creator and founder of Quimera Ritual Dance and Priestesses of the Iseum of Quimera
    • Experiences in the ritual and ceremonies that are unique to Quimera priestesses
    • Life changing experiences in dance
    • Comradery with like-minded women
    • Expanded performance and dance ability
    • Catered, healthy, gourmet meals cooked by a Priestess of Isis Naia Riley who is a Nutritionist and Dietician, Friday evening through Sunday lunch (with dietary accommodations)
    • Dorm accommodations at Isis Oasis (option to pay more for a private room)
    • A special Quimera Ritual Dance Performance in ceremony with the priestesses of Quimera
    • Performance opportunity, in a ritual performance journey created for you

    How much will this cost?

    While a retreat of this nature typically costs between $1,000 – $2,000, we try to keep our costs very low, to make our work more accessible. So…


    $550 early bird

    $600 regular price -after June 25


    Are you ready to register?

    We want to hear from you! In order to assure we all come together with the same intentions, we ask everyone to fill out an intention form before receiving the invitation to register.  Please fill out the form below, then once we have read it, we will email you a registration form to select your pricing options and to select housing upgrades if desired. This will be a magical weekend, diving into the discovery of The Way of the Priestess as it relates to YOU.

    Isis Oasis Sanctuary and the Temple of Isis

    Isis Oasis is a magical retreat center dedicated to Isis. It is the home of the Temple of Isis and houses an animal sanctuary. It has a variety of housing options, the dorm is included in the price of registration.

    The nearest airport is the Sonoma County Airport also referred to as Santa Rosa airport and the Charles M. Schulz airport. Airport code is STS. It is 22 minutes away by car. Uber and Lyft work well.

    Housing Optional Upgrades

    Accomodations at Isis Oasis
    Isis Oasis is a former Bahai’i Spiritual Center, and listed as a historic site. Dorm Rooms, upstairs at the Grand Lodge, are included in your registration. You can choose to upgrade your sleeping quarters for an additional price. There are limited spaces for each option:

    How Do I Attend?

    Set your intentions…


    1. Fill out your intention form
    2. Then Anandha will invite you to register.*
    3. One you receive you invitation to register you will be able to make your payment and housing choices.

    *Because this is a special journey living with a group for 3 days, we want to be sure we all have shared intentions so we will read your intention form and respond with an email.



    You are invited to fill out an intention form now, and let us know of your interest to attend. We are building a container of like-minded dancers from diverse experiences,  cultures and backgrounds. Please let us know of your desire to join us.

    There are limited spots available.

    After setting your intentions

    and recieving an invitation to register…



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this training for women only?

    Quimera Priestess training is for women only. This is a departure from our previous commitment to honor gender equality. We have found that the training has the opportunity to deepen in a different way if we keep the Priestess training to admit only women.

    Can I have a private room instead of the dorm?

    Yes. Private rooms are available. HOWEVER, living as a group in the dorm with everyone gathering together and sharing space is in alignment with the WAY OF THE PRIESTESS of ancient times. It is a satisfying experience to be intimately part of the community as you live, eat, dance and participate in ritual and ceremony together for these two days.

    We recognize that in these times post-covid, people are desiring more space and thus we are making shared rooms and private rooms available.

    What do I need to bring?

    • An open heart and a readiness to connect with your full embodied self
    • Comfortable clothes to dance in
    • White clothes to perform in
    • Any snacks you may need
    • Water bottle
    • Journal or Notebook

    How shall I prepare?

    • Eat particularly well the week before the retreat. A month ahead of time is even better. Prepare the body by being pure with what you eat.
    • Get plenty of sleep so that your body is well rested and your mind is alert and calm.
    • Begin now noticing your thinking, noticing what you would like to shift and transform, and set your intentions
    • CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE FOR THESE THREE DAYS. Let those close to you know that you will be in an immersive experience and will not be available by phone. Plan to stay off of social media. Prepare so that you are able to put your phone away and be fully present to absorb and integrate this work.

    Your Host

    “It is through working within the supported environment of community, through dance as transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.” – Anandha Ray

    DIRECTOR of Quimera Ritual Dance and the Iseum of Quimera

    Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR 
    has spent her life exploring the mysteries and magic of dance—first in her professional life as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director for over 30 years, then as a ritual ceremonialist since 2011.

    With a master’s degree in dance therapy, another in choreography and kinesiology, and three decades of experience working with dancers across disciplines—from concert performances to private ceremonies—she has developed a completely unique way to use dance as a shamanic instrument.

    Her form, Quimera Method—named after a mythological creature made of the parts of many animals that can only be tamed by its own reflection in the waters of life—helps people tap into and embody their authentic voice and learn how dance communicates with an audience while healing trauma.

    She will reveal to you ANCIENT SECRETS: bits of knowledge that will change your dancing right away and profoundly! Her greatest joy is seeing how these forms of dance offered as ceremony and ritual can change people’s lives.

    Anandha served as a Cultural Ambassador for the US Embassy on international tours and was the Chairperson of a university dance program in addition to directing an internationally touring dance company for three decades before retiring from the professional world of dance to become a full-time ceremonialist in Quimera Method, a shamanic form of dance training and performance.

    Anandha Ray


    It is an honor to gather priestesses of the Iseum of Quimera to share our rituals and ceremonies with you. If you’d like to join us, set your intentions and let us know.

    – Anandha Ray

    Rev. Chaya Kornreich

    Rev. Chaya Kornreich

    “This training provided an organic shift of consciousness and perception of myself and the world around me. This helped me adjust my relationships, choices and actions into a place of abundance. I am thankful every day for investing in my future self!”

    Chaya is a legally ordained priestess, teacher, and facilitator who has extensive training in therapeutic movement, ritual and ceremony facilitation. She finds joy in encouraging people to discover, blossom and grow into the best of their abilities.

    Chaya’s service has taken her all over the world as a knowledge seeker, performer, teacher, mentor and tech professional—and it’s also taken her deep within herself to transform her own life.  Carrying the medicine of movement and cross-cultural experiences, Chaya supports diverse communities to traverse both the seen and unseen, to organically weave their gifts into an ever evolving world.


    Rev. Eden Rumelt

    Rev. Eden Rumelt

    “Since becoming Ordained in 2016, I have continued to grow in my personal, spiritual, and business life.”

    Rev. Priestess Eden Rumelt is an Embodiment Coach, Ordained Priestess, a Ceremonialist, and a Ritual Performing Artist. Eden holds the vision of women (and all people) accessing embodied empowerment as well as tapping into their inner-source of eternal love. She has a passion for helping people live with more wellness, confidence, and joy. A legally Ordained Reverend Priestess of the Iseum of Quimera (a branch of the Temple of Isis), she is also a professional massage therapist, and has been on the spiritual path since 1998. Eden has worked closely with Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray since 2015, as a performer in Quimera Ritual Dance and also assisting her in teaching classes, workshops, and retreats. She also maintains her own private practice, Embody Your Essence, offering spiritual mentoring, embodiment coaching, and priestess training.

    Rev. Treestar Tinkerbella

    Rev. Treestar Tinkerbella

    “Training with Anandha Ray, walking the path of the priestess and performing with Quimera Ritual Dance, has not only enriched my spiritual life and artistry, but has also given me practical tools to navigate all aspects of life.”

    Treestar Tinkerbella is a multi-disciplinary performing artist, bodyworker and ordained priestess. Her path is one of self awareness through movement arts and transformational healing work. Treestar facilitates guided intuitive movement journeys, ritual dances for healing and ceremonial prayerformances. Her classes are designed to create sacred space to move through emotional, mental, and physical blocks; to be witnessed and held as you express your unique humanness and explore your creative movement potential. She helps you connect to the silent witness inside and discover who you are beyond your stories. Treestar’s mission is to inspire and assist others in connecting to their own sacred embodiment.

    Rev. Naia Riley

    Rev. Naia Riley

    “This is the most important work I have ever done in my life. I say that with absolute sincerity and truth. This is life-changing on every level, from the way I put my feet on the earth to the way I sleep at night. This training has changed my life, and it’s just the beginning.”

    Naia Riley is a legally ordained Priestess and Ceremonialist who has been teaching for the past 10 years. She loves working with people to help them find their inner voice and reconnect to their spiritual self. She supports her clients by using a combination of education, nutrition, movement, ceremony, and ritual. As an international teacher and performance artist, she offers embodiment practices that awaken the mind, body, and spirit. By investing in this work of becoming a Priestess, Naia has truly become more of herself and has more to give to the world.

    It is through working within the supported environment of community, through dance as transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.

    Anandha Ray
    Anandha Ray

    Pictured: Anandha Ray in performance, Portand Oregon, Photo by Dennis Glisson, Circa 2015

    Anandha Ray

    Pictured: Quimera Ritual Dance in performance at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland where they received a 5-star review. Photo by Mark Keeling 2022

    Dance Heals.

    Performances of Quimera Ritual Dance have always danced on the edges of the play of shadow and light in the subconscious realm.  Those who dance the performance rituals creted by director of Quimera, Rev. Anandha Ray, and those who witness can each experience a healing vortex.

    Performing dances created by Ray on international tours, the performances by Quimera recently received 5-star reviews at Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, August 2022:

    The choreography by Anandha Ray
    stands out as the highlight of the show.
    With energetic dancing and charming costumes,
    each one explores the themes of spirituality,
    being human, and connection through dance.
    Each is five-star-quality.”

    Creating dance expressions that capture our authentic humanness is what defines the sacred art of ritual dance for Anandha. Dance that embodies the immediacy of our human form, that responds to the audience and the situation while channeling core aspects of our shared humanity. To put it simply, dances that reach beyond the illusion of our everyday lives to touch the soul.

    Anandha feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy international tours called “Dance Without Borders”, her dances illuminate the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

    This is what guides her work today as she leads dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance.

    as well as one who walks the planet as if all is sacred.

    You are invited to fill out an intention form and let us know of your interest to attend. We are building a container of like-minded dancers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Please let us know of your desire to join us.


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