Calling the Priestesses of Quimera

Sacred SOURCE-ery 2024

Event Dates

Monday June 24 (11 am) through Saturday June 29

Monday June 24 (dinner) through Sunday June 30

Performance Friday night June 28, 7 pm
Public welcome. Free.

10 Minute Intuitive Technique Anansha Ray

A gathering of
Priestesses and Initiates
of the Iseum of Quimera

You are invited to
a weeklong retreat

To reconnect, reinspire
and expand
the richness
of the work
we do as
dancing priestesses

We gather in ceremony,
to guide the evolution of
Quimera, and to create
dances from deep within
your soul…

To channel
the human experience…

To heal through movement…

To open portals of healing
for those who witness your dance…

And if you choose,
to communicate
beyond the veil
and experience other realms.

Sacred SOURCE-ery is the annual gathering of the initiates and priestesses

In the lineage of
the Iseum of

Pictured below: Quimera Ritual Dance performing “Whispers”, Grace Cathedral. 2019.


Here is the detailed schedule for our time together.


Pictured below:
Dancers in We Rise at Sacred SOURCE-ery 2023. Rev. Leah Bethany Gage, Rev. Chaya Kornreich, Rev Rachel Lucille, Rev. Eden Rumelt

We will have a photo shoot (but not with a hired photographer). We will creatively invoke amazing dance photos like those pictured below by using our iPhones. We will do this Friday night after our performance.


Cost to Participate

While a retreat of this nature typically costs between $1,000 – $2,000, we only charge to break even on this retreat. This includes five nights for the priestesses and six nights for the initiates. This fee also includes all supplies and meals with the exception of the cost of making the tribal soup. Initiates and teachers will have a farewell dinner Saturday night (pay your own way).


$590 for initiates (six nights)

$525 for priestesses (five nights)


Even though this is our cost for you to attend, we recognize that coming up with this sum of money can be difficult.

Anandha provides payment options as needed. If you simply cannot attend because of the financial cost, let Anandha know you request a partial scholarship. If there are donations available we will assist you.

If you are among the priestesses who can afford to support others, you are invited to pay more than the cost of your attendance
and the extra money will be applied towards scholarships.


Please make your payments to:

Mark Keeling via Zelle

Please make a note it is for Sacred Source-ery

What to Bring


  • A rested, well-nourished body.
  • An open mind and heart.
  • Sacred whites for ceremony and performance.
  • Black performance wear.
  • For those going to Edinburgh performing in “We Rise” please bring beige layered costume (for example a shirt, a vest, a skirt and pants that you wear all at once.)
  • For everyone going to Edinburgh, a long-sleeved, floor-length black costume.
  • Ingredients for tribal soup (stay tuned for specific requests from the initiates.)
  • We will be fasting on tribal soup for the first three days. This fast supports our prepartion for our ceremony on Wednesday. Some people find it dificult to fast while dancing so much. Bring your own breakfast foods and if you wish to supplement your fast, bring your own snacks. Some people bring jerky to add to the vegetarian soups.
  • Bring clothes to rehearse (it will be warm in the temple.)
  • If you wish, bring a bathing suit, although nudity is permitted.
  • Bring a water bottle and a notebook.
  • Bring your priestess adornment (sacred jewelry including cuffs and collar.)
  • Toiletries
  • Medications (check with Anandha if you are concerned about interactions of your medication in ceremony.)

What is Provided

  • An extraordinary experience you will never forget!
  • Bonding within a community dedicated to becoming our best selves.
  • Linens and towels
  • Dishes
  • Ceremonial supplies
  • Your accommodations
  • Catered meals (except for tribal soup)

If you have questions, contact Anandha.

It is through working within the supported environment of community, through dance as transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.

It is my greatest honor to guide Quimera in this lifetime journey, supporting each other to be our best selves.

I look forward to gathering and diving into the work.

~Anandha Ray

Anandha Ray

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