The Way of the Priestess
Aug 11-13, 2023

Isis Oasis Sanctuary, The Temple of Isis

Intention Form


We create a very tight container in our retreats and so we like to make sure we all arrive with similar intentions and expectations. Please take a moment to fill out this form in order to receive an invitation to register. We encourage your honest answers so that you and we both know that this is a good match. All fields are required.

This retreat is designed to give an introduction to what it means to live life as a priestess, in the container of the Iseum of Quimera. We will be present in rituals, which will include dance and other group activities.

This might seem like an odd question, but we find that people who are emotionally regulated are able to dive very deeply and heal immensely in these containers. In this healing work, emotions may be evoked. For some it can be a purely blissful experience, for others it is not uncommon to experience tears of sorrow, relief, even joy, to feel uncomfortable feelings welling up inside, or to begin to feel a deeper connection to peace. If you can work with these feelings, it can be very healing to move through your own emotional journey in the expression of ritual dance. In this container it is very helpful to be connected to empathy both for yourself and for others, and to be practiced at owning and processing your emotional journey.

We will provide the opportunity to dive deeply for three days. Turn your phone to airplane mode and dive-in to experience life in the ancient ways… fully present with women who will be fully present with you.

This is a performance retreat. The priestesses will perform for you Friday night, then Saturday night you will have the opportunity to perform a dance we will teach you in the form called Quimera Method. In addition you may offer a very short, 1 minute-ish solo in any form. This can be a solo you already know, or a solo you create spontaneously in this new form you will learn. We will ask you to bring a white costume that you can dance in, and you will be invited to wear any metal adornments that you can dance in. It can be very basic or as ornate as you desire. This is a two part question:

You can change your mind, we just hope to get an idea of approximately how many dances there might be.

Once we receive your intention form, we'll send you an email with clarifications or an invitation to register. If you have any questions or need more info, let us know.

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