Anandha Ray MA, MA, DTR


As an innovator and creatrix in the world of dance, Anandha forges new pathways in the application of dance performance in professional settings, rituals and ceremonies.

She invites you to join her in profound experiences through the vessel that is dance.

Anandha Ray
Anandha Ray

Solo photos of Anandha Ray. Performance shot of Quimera Ritual Dance performing in the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Scotland, Aug 2022

Calling All Dancing People

Share with us soulful moments of pure humanness. Join us in magical workshops, intensive trainings, and ritual performances whether as dancer or witness.


Anandha extends her work to dance companies, universities, festivals and enjoys teaching workshops locally and on tours. If you are interested, open a dialogue.

A Recent Review:

“The choreography by Anandha Ray stands out as the highlight of the show. With energetic dancing and charming costumes, each one explores the themes of spirituality, being human, and connection through dance. Each is five-star-quality”

-Festival Fringe, 2022, Review By Deniz Yalçin

Welcome to an innovative approach to dance.

After living a lifetime in the world of dance, and upon retirement from producing dance concerts on international tours for over 30 years, I began to seek experiences in the realm of dance that reach soul-level expression, give voice to the unspeakable aspects of our shared humanness, and pierce the veil of our separateness.

If you are ready to unleash your authentic voice into dance performances and rituals… you have found kindred spirits here.

-Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR

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