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A warm summer eve. Laughter rippling. The sounds of coin belts tinkling. And then a frame drum begins a deep rhythm.

It began with the dream and desire to expand the knowledge and experience of our students. To support other talented teachers and artists. To share and celebrate the rich diversity of the greater dance and drum community. This is our 4th year of holding these Summer Hafla Weekends of workshops and joyous celebrations in our home space.

We are incredibly honored to host Anandha Ray at the Twisted Gypsy studio in the beautiful mountains of Chatsworth for her magical Shamanic Fusion Dance Circles.

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Shamanic Fusion Dance:
A Twisted Summer Weekend Intensive

September 16 & 17, 2017

It is time for a change in the way that we perform… dance has a higher purpose than entertainment.  Dance can change the world, it can heal the performer and it can heal the witness.  But it takes a lot of personal work to bring yourself to a place where you can be a clear channel in this regard.  And there is no end to what we can accomplish if we are willing to do the work.

The work is a Sacred Dance form called SHAMANIC FUSION DANCE.  It is a form of performing that opens the door to healing for all those involved (performers and witnesses).  It is based in ritual and ceremony through the language of movement, accessing the subconscious of the mover to speak with the subconscious of the viewer.  It is not performances that are artistic renderings of ceremony, it is highly developed artistic performances of ACTUAL CEREMONY.  When I “retired” from the professional modern/ballet world I was drawn to my love of ritual and ceremony.  I found that there are many people performing dances that draw artistically from the idea of ceremony and ritual.  Shamanic Fusion Dance is a re-rendering of actual ceremony that is presented the format of performances.  Each dance has a spiritual intention and uses shamanic techniques in the performance.  Each performer, therefore, learns to channel pure spirit into performance.

It is profound personally, interpersonally and intrapersonally!

Dance is so much more than entertainment!  Through Shamanic Fusion Dance that we do in the Serpent Ceremonies we are training to do the work of healing ourselves and our community, working in mind, spirit and soul through performances of dance.  But there is much to learn!  We invoke the subconscious of the dancer and viewer, and we utilize mirror-neurons and survival instincts to catapult the connection between audience and performer.  To do so one must first purify subconscious self-thought and belief systems, and then deepen one’s ability to perform with constant authentic evocation and mastery of one’s own mind-self.

Are you ready to re-awaken
your spiritual connection to performance 

while enhancing your dance skill
and performance ability tremendously

This immersion will introduce you to the style of dance that is Shamanic Fusion Dance. You will discover your own authentic voice in dance while simultaneously unlocking incredibly potent, full-bodied, athletic dancing.

Shamanic Fusion Dance is a form that embodies dance as a means of communication with the heart and soul of the viewer. Performers learn to understand when, how, why and what dance communicates to viewers and how to harness the power of dance as a healing modality.


SATURDAY, September 16 – Day One

Intuitive Technique

We will dance in a kick-ass athletic improvisation class that will help you move in ways you didn’t know that you can!

This technique reveals Tribal Secrets of dance that give you immediate access to perfect technique, unlocking your movement ability in ways that will surprise you!


Live music and performances! Come party with us!!!  Please contact Jen to sign up!

SUNDAY, September 17th – Day Two

Waking Dreams

We will dive into the subconscious through movement inquiries that enhance your performance ability!

This form unlocks blocks to creativity and being fully present in performance and life. Without having to go through the steps of talking about issues, this form reprograms unhealthy belief systems releasing the mind to focus on those things that bring us success with our goals, whether in performance or in life!

Through Waking Dreams one embodies a higher level of performance ability,
developing the understanding of how to be your authentic self in performance,
and how to give voice to your own authentic expressions in dance.

  • Cost:
    $75 for one day
    $125 for both days
    Space is limited!
    We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal
    (Please note there is a fee of $4 for using a credit card or PayPal)Please contact for more information!
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Hotels in the Chatsworth area

  • Travelodge
    Staybridge Suites

Note: Sometimes there are dancers willing to host out-of-town dancers in their home.
Let us know if you want to inquire.

“Anandha Ray has a way of bringing out the dancer and magic through the her intricate understanding of Movement and Spontaneity, linking Spirit and Dance into The Alchemy of Visual Shamanic Healing through the Art of Dance….

Training with her has taught and reminded my body & subconscious that every movement is ART and Art is Magic and Healing for both the dancer and the witness of the dance.

As a belly dancer, it was scary for me to go ” out of the box” in movements… Performing & Training with her in all the multifaceted knowledge and experience she has in dance for over 30 years… Reminded my body and gave me permission to let my body dance however she wanted to and to learn how to really ” tune in” to her magic….

If you’re already a seasoned dancer or have been thinking about dancing for healing or to perform, I highly encourage and recommend her Sacred Source-ary Retreats, Serpent Ceremony Gatherings and/or her classes and workshops all over the US and the world at large.”

Kalyani Shakti Khandro

Life Coach, Yogini, Theta Healer and Sacred Dancer

“Immersion with Anandha was one of the most life changing experiences I have yet to undergo- a remembering and a rite of passage. With Anandha Ray’s mastery and inspiring wisdom, and the support of the sisterhood and our willingness to shed the layers, we created a vortex of healing and transformation. The weekend created a ripple effect through out my life to reclaim my power and shed the old once and for all, and for that I am eternally grateful! This is just the beginning..”‬ Anya Lei Nirvana

Transformational Coach, Tarot Alchemystic, Claircognizant, Ritual Dancer

‪”Anandha Ray‪’s depth of experience as a Dancer, Teacher, Healer, Channel, Priestess and Guide wove together an amazingly created journey for us to seamlessly dive into uncharted, subconscious territory and feel fully held in Grace and Strength so that we may be able to navigate through our own shadows and lights.

This immersion was a huge confirmation that I’m walking the right path in the right way, and that I am supported in transforming my reality by embodying my prayers/fears/intentions in dance with my sisters- recognizing each vibration for what they truly teach while shamanically walking the bridge between light and shadow as a Tribe.  In this immersion we danced through our Duality! ‬”

Jessica Forrest

ASL Interpreter, Dancer/Performance Artist

What’s Included?

  • A beautiful community of dancers delighting in the physical and spiritual embodiment of dance at the highest tenets of the art form
  • An understanding of when, why and how dance communicates to audiences, and what makes it most effective
  • Access to Tribal Secrets: the culled insights from Anandha Ray’s 30 years of professional experience in the dance world

What’s Not Included

  • Lunch: though you can order a delicious healthy lunch once you arrive, that will be delivered at our meal break.
  • Water (bring your water bottle!)

What To Bring

  • Comfortable clothes to dance in
  • A journal
  • A water bottle
  • Performance clothes for the Hafla!!!!

Space is limited… register early.

Please contact for more information!
PayPal address:
(Please add $4 for PayPal payments)

The Colonel, Reverend Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR


Anandha Ray

As a 12 year old, Anandha began seeking the connection to spirit. Her path was varied, from traditional religion to the use of psychedelics to open the pineal gland. At 14 she found Kundalini Yoga and spent two years in complete dedication to the form. At a Summer Solstice, where participants were on a vow of silence for 10 days as they intensively studied yoga in the desert of New Mexico, Anandha observed an amazing style of yoga – done to music. For ten days she observed one woman doing this profound, fluid, beautiful yoga on her daily break. On the 11th day she asked what it was called.

Modern Dance. And thus began a lifetime devotion to dance. A life where creativity, passion and walking a path of integrity and honor were the guiding forces.

AnandhaStJohnBridgeSmFour decades later, much joy and a complete connection to the body as a powerful tool for communicating soul to soul, Anandha is a much awarded dancer/choreographer/artistic director. She has two masters degrees in dance, has taught at a variety of locations from being the chairperson of a university dance program to founding her own dance center/theater. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, receiving standing ovations in seven countries, bringing her own company to provide concerts and workshops to Europe.

She has developed unique and exceptional methods for rapidly taking dancers to new levels of performance ability and dance skill. Having trained many professional dancers, in addition to several professional choreographers and directors who now have their own companies, she is excited to have begun a course of teacher training called Tribal Secrets: The Medicine of Movement. She travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, as a featured master teacher, performer and choreographer for universities and festivals where she trains dancers and teaches teachers the exceptional methods of dance and performance training she created.

Learn more about Anandha

Her work has been acknowledged in several awards and honors including citations from the US Senate, the California Assembly, induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary KY Colonel. She has been named a visionary to the 21st century, “One of 25 Women Leading the Arts” and won countless awards for her choreography, most recently receiving the highest national award in university dance for the second time (the first being 30 years ago), having her choreography chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, June 2016.

For four decades in dance, Anandha has created a spiritual connection of the soul through movement. Walking this path secretly as a professional choreographer who would be shunned and loose funding if the truth was revealed, she didn’t talk about spirituality, but just did the work. On many occasions people have been so touched by viewing one of her dances that they have written to Anandha to tell her how it changed their lives. On five occasions, viewers have written her letters telling her that viewing her dance brought back the connection to the world that kept them from committing suicide.

She feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy tours called “Dance Without Borders”, they illuminated the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

This is what guides her work today as she guides dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance as well as one who walks the planet in ceremony.

Twisted Gypsy is located in the beautiful city of Chatsworth, California
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