Tribal Secrets

Through the Tribal Secrets of dance

you will immediately learn to express yourself

with physical and emotional mastery that will surprise you!

What are Tribal Secrets?

Anandha-Dance-BeachIn summary, Tribal Secrets are tidbits of information that are culled to the core of teaching a thorough understanding of movement both physically and expressively. They are taught in a form of dance called Shamanic Fusion Dance, through two teaching modalities created by Anandha Ray; Intuitive Technique and Waking Dreams.

Tribal Secrets are taught through the form of dance that is called Shamanic Fusion Dance. Shamanic Fusion Dance refers to an intention in dance rather than to specific movements. It is a form in which every dancer is taught to develop their own understanding of their authentic self and thus their own authentic way of moving and expressing themselves, while intuitively mastering perfect technique through the understanding of Tribal Secrets.

Anandha developed Tribal Secrets as a method of teaching dance that enables dancers to move with totality, fullness and joy. It has been described as a method of teaching dance that sets dancers free, that gives them wings to fly, and that engages the soul through movement.

After your first class, you be surprised at the depth with which you can move, express and feel fulfilled in movement in ways that probably you didn’t realize you already can achieve. From beginning dancers to professionals, everyone moves rapidly to the next level of mastery of their art form.

The “secrets” of Tribal Secrets are methods of understanding movement that unlock your body’s potential. For example, the use of your head directly effects how easy it is to move from the ground to standing and visa versa… and you’ll learn exactly how to use your head so that dancing to the ground and up again is profoundly easy and graceful (even if it has never before been easy for you!).

Not only do these Tribal Secrets unlock the potential of your body, Tribal Secrets unlock the mysteries of dance, the way that it communicates, the reasons audiences will be rapt with attention, and how movement touches the heart and soul of the viewer.

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