Shamanic Fusion Dance Sacred Ceremonies
One Week at Isis Oasis!

Let the magic begin…

This retreat is for the Initiates and Priestesses
of the Iseum of Quimera.

Priestess of Isis Initiates
from the Bay Area and from LA
will gather in the Tribe and devote our time to the TRIBE…

Dancing, ceremonies and rituals will take us through the week
as we prepare the opening ceremony performance ritual
for the Sacred SOURCE-ery public retreat.

The magic of the Tribe occurs in these private gatherings.

Call of the Tribe…

In the private retreat we will dive more deeply than ever…

Are your ready to feel, in every cell of your body, the connection you have to the sacred?

Are you ready to use movement and shamanic practices to deepen your sense of spiritual well-being and joy?

Is it time to invigorate your passion for dance and deepen your understanding of the true sacred healing rituals of dance?

Join us, and take your dancing to the next level while deepening your inner peace through spiritual connection!


Schedule – May 15 – 21, 2017

Arrive Monday May 15 to settle in before the Noon Rite, which is our official beginning. The Noon Rite takes place at the Small Temple at Isis Oasis. Arrive at Isis Oasis in time to unpack into your room and be ready for the Noon Rite.

You are welcome to come on Sunday if that makes your life easier, but there is an additional charge for adding an extra day. Contact Anandha for this information.

May 15- 18 We will dive into the collective wisdom of the Iseum of Quimera and the Temple of Isis. We will engage in ceremonies and you will learn in what manner you will be assisting in the 3-day public retreat May 19-21

May 19-21 you will be participating in the 3-day public retreat, and in various cases will act as assistants to the retreat leaders (Anandha, Eden, Brandon and Marilu).

All of the amazing events and experiences
of the 3-day Sacred SOURCE-ery are yours,
and more!!!

You will dive into the CORE of the Iseum of Quimera
as we retreat from the world and live as TRIBE.

This is an amazing week of experiences
that are deeply bonding
outside of the constraints and limitations of reality.

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