Sacred SOURCE-ery Intention

We are a committed Tribe. While this is not a church, it is a sacred community and we are calling in those who are of like mind and spirit to join us in the nurturing, supportive and non-judgmental community.

We are tied together through the modality of dance as a means of spiritual expression, and we work together to become the best dancers and the best people that we can. If you are called to join us, please tell us in detail about yourself so that we can assess if you are a good match.

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This is not a church, but it IS spiritual. Are you called to dance as a means of your spiritual connection? Please tell us in what ways your heart is called to this Medicine of Movement. *

Going into retreat allows us the time to really focus on manifesting a specific intention. You are invited to share your intention with us in the words that feel comfortable for you, and we will empower that intention by witnessing it and holding space for your transformation/manifestation. *

While this is not a church, we do go into ceremony and must hold a safe container. It is important that you arrive early to settle in and be ready 5 MINUTES BEFORE EACH CEREMONY BEGINS. Can you plan to arrive 5 minutes early for each ceremony for the entire retreat? Tardiness disrupts each ceremony, it is utmost respect to be early. Please give us your word that you will RESPECTFULLY ARRIVE EARLY FOR EACH SESSION, CEREMONY or RITUAL during the retreat. *

We will dance with serpents Saturday afternoon. It is optional to handle a serpent. Although our serpents are frequently handled, serpents are not tamable animals and must be handled respectfully. You cannot "tame" a serpent. Do you accept responsibility for your own safety and any serpent while you are handling it? Do you agree to hold Anandha Ray, the facilities, staff and any and all parties involved harmless and do you agree to assume all liability for any injury to the serpents or yourself? Please give us your word about taking responsibility for both self-care and serpent care. *

This is NOT therapy at all, but it has great therapeutic value. Have you done the internal work to know that you are of a balanced state of mind, ready to bring transformation into your life? Please tell us about your commitment to internal work. *

Do you have any preferences or special dietary needs (Gluten Free, Diary Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc) that we need to be aware of? Please tell us below:*

If you intend to share a room, do you have a preferred roommate? Please let us know.*

Do you have any other notes or comments to share with us?*

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