Shamanic Fusion Dance Sacred Ceremonies
Three Days at Isis Oasis

Let the magic begin…


Are you ready to re-awaken your spiritual connection to performance and experience a profound embodiment of inner peace, through the mediums of Dance and Ceremony?

Do you want a profound experience through dance with your spirit tribe?

Join Anandha Ray and the Priest/esses of the Iseum of Quimera
for a transformative retreat at the
Isis Oasis, May 19 – 21, 2017

3 days of workshops, performances and ceremonies
and you are invited to participate in a
Performance Offering!

Call of the Tribe…

Are your ready to feel, in every cell of your body, the connection you have to the sacred?

Are you ready to use movement and shamanic practices to deepen your sense of spiritual well-being and joy?

Is it time to invigorate your passion for dance and deepen your understanding of the true sacred healing rituals of dance?

Join us, and take your dancing to the next level while deepening your inner peace through spiritual connection!


Isis Oasis offers a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life where we can retreat into a focused world of dance and ceremony, with time every day to indulge in the gifts of Dance and connecting with our Tribe. Isis Oasis is a highly spiritually evolved community based on the Egyptian Pantheon.  We will live in rooms adorned in Egyptian God/dess themes, we will gather in the Temple of Isis, and there is time to rest by the pool and hot-tub or walk the grounds of the animal sanctuary!
Bathe in the confidence that this retreat will bring you to embody your highest level of performance while enhancing your athletic ability and rekindling inner peace and spiritual balance!

Is this Retreat for You?

Do you want to go deeper in your spiritual path and  would you love to be able to use self-expression as a way to know yourself on a deeper level?

Do you want to engage in creative expression as a way to discover your own unique purpose in life?

Would you like to find a way to relieve anxiety and replace that with an inner peace and to be more authentically yourself?

Do you love the idea of performing dance, not as an ego-related validation but as a service that you know can enhance the spirituality of humanity? Perhaps you didn’t get the opportunity to pursue dance as a career, but you love dancing… and perhaps you crave the sense of tribe that comes with performing with a group and developing deep connections and friendships.

Then you are one of us!

Our promise to you:  
By the end of this retreat you will feel in every cell of your body profound changes in your dancing and your sense of self…
  • You will experience a wide array of exotic, stimulating, inspirational and thought provoking moments on this retreat revealing tribal secrets in the WORLD of sacred dance.
  • You will leave feeling more connected and confident in your performance ability in the ART of Sacred Dance
  • You will connect with a group of spiritual seekers on the path of creating a TRIBE of Sacred Dance

As a DANCER you will embody:

  • the connection you have to the sacred and how you can use movement and shamanic practices to deepen your sense of spiritual well being and joy
  • more invigorated and confident skill in dance
  • more passion for performance
  • a deeper understanding of how dance communicates, and what makes dance meaningful to audience
  • how to create spiritually inspired dances that touches the heart and soul of the viewer
  • a profound confidence in sharing amazing and creative performances
  • more connected to other dancers who, like you, seek dance as a means to spiritual fulfillment for themselves and for the viewers.
When I’m in Anandha’s teachings, I am existing in a profound, sacred, safe haven that exists outside the boundaries of ordinary time, the patriarchal structure, and social conditioning. She helped me to find my wings as a dancer, and to take flight within my own form. With Anandha, I have experienced an awakening to shamanic movement while learning incredible dance technique. Elizabeth Bast

Author, Yogini and Performance Artist


Dress “comfortably nice” for the Ritual Performance.  
     Wear comfortable clothes that honor your expression of the God/dess in you,
while allowing you to move freely for the ceremony after the ritual performance.

Bring water as needed.

3:00 to 5:00

arrive and check into your rooms and settle in, enjoy the grounds and ground yourself

a delicious gourmet meal will be provided in the pavilion

head to the large Temple to be anointed, blessed and smudged for the evening ritual performance

Blessing by Rev. Priestess deTraci Regula
Followed by a Ritual Performance by the Iseum of Quimera

Following the ritual performance we will offer a Sangre de Quimera Movement Ceremony with our home-made sacrament* to set our intentions for this immersion into the source of our wholeness, as we shed the limitations that no longer serve us.

*The Sangre de Quimera Sacrament
The sacrament is made with a large batch of hibiscus leaves, wild orange and cinnamon essential oils, organic grape juice in a base of high quality tequila.  It is prayed over by a priest or priestess every day for a month before it is bottled for our ceremonies.  When you drink the sacrament you can feel the divine energies enter the body.  It is a vessel for our prayers and helps solidify the intention we set forth.  For this ceremony we will have non-alcoholic sacrament available as well for those who do not partake in alcohol.


deTraci Regula, Hierophant of the Temple of Isis
and author of “The Mysteries of Isis” and “Egyptian Scarab Oracle”,
will offer a blessing to sanctify the gathering Tribe for this sacred weekend

Wear comfortable layers during the day. Bring water and carry a journal.

Note: for the serpent ceremony at 3:15 (serpent handling is optional), please remove all jewelry that might entangle our serpent partners (necklaces, hoop earrings, anything they can climb through). Also please wear clothing that the serpents will not easily tangle in, as they love to twist around and can get caught in the arm holes of loose sleeveless shirts, for example.

For the evening performance please everyone wear ALL WHITE. Feel free to fully engage in your hearts desire when decorating your body for the evening ceremony at 6:45.

8:00 – 9:30 Breakfast 

Join us in the Pavilion for a lovely relaxed catered breakfast.
9:30 – 10:15
Hearing the Call: The Tribal Connection
 We have heard the call of the Tribe and we have gathered to dive deeply into the womb, held in healing energies of the medicine of movement and calling in the healing that allows us to live full, rich lives in the balanced energies that are present when we are totally engaged in our authentic being.  Here we re-connect.  Perhaps just meeting one another, perhaps finally reconnecting after a lifetime or more of separation.
The Art of Risk:
Intuitive Technique
The Rev. Priest Brandon Zickerman and the Rev. Priestess Marilu Chan (Ishtar)
What Belief Systems are the driving force in your life?  Even though we walk through life thinking that we know what we believe, it has been undeniably demonstrated that what the beliefs that our subconscious holds is what drive us.  The subconscious mind controls your decision making. And further, our subconscious beliefs do not match our conscious beliefs and can even be quite the opposite.  Do you ever sabotage yourself?  Go on a plan for eating healthy only to end up eating worse?  Tell yourself that you want a loving relationship only to find yourself alone, or in an unfulfilling relationship? The conscious mind and the subconscious mind can be in opposition, and the subconscious mind always wins.
Through Intuitive Technique we will open the energetic channels of the physical and energetic bodies and begin to build awareness of how to use our body as a channel for revealing secrets, for systematic healing and for understanding how performing dance can not only heal yourself, but audience members as well.  Intuitive technique is a high-energy athletic form of Shamanic Fusion Dance that allows dancers with a wide variety of levels and styles of dance to unlock their potential in dance and to express themselves with totality, fullness and joy in riveting improvisational dances.  Through this form, engaging the totality of the body’s potential, you will unleash powerful and intoxicating feelings, stimulating thoughts and inspire dramatic and expressive movements that perhaps you never thought you could do. Even professional dancers are surprised by the total freedom and expansive range of movement expression this form inspires.
11:45 LUNCH
Join us for a delicious gourmet meal in the Pavilion
1:00 – 3:00 
Waking Dreams:
A Journey Into the Mysteries of Your Soul
The Rev. Priestess Eden Rumelt
Would you like to receive guidance from the source of your authentic self? Perhaps this is a part of yourself you are becoming more familiar with, or a new layer you haven’t met before.
By journeying into your subconscious, through guided meditation and easeful movement, you will have the opportunity to unlock your higher self and the power of her/his guidance. Dig in to your soul and mine the treasures there! Through the Medicine of Movement we will create a space where you are able to access truths, and integrate them in an extraordinary way. Through this form you can unlock and reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs, without having to identify them in words.  Rebuild the sanctity of your balanced mind, your confident self as you walk through the world.
3:15 – 5:15
Serpent Ceremony: 
Belief Breaking Ritual
Anandha Ray

Are you ready to dance your way into a healthy relationship between your subconscious and conscious mind?

Shed the skins of old beliefs to unlock powerful new beginnings.  It is AMAZING how well dance acts as a portal for healing the soul!  We return to our instinctual self, unhindered by WORDS and LEXICAL THINKING… through movement we reconnect with our most true, unhindered self.  Having unlocked the energetic channels of the body in Intuitive Technique, and having opened the awareness of your relationship to the subconsicous mind in Waking Dreams, this ceremony will deepen the discovery of the beliefs that limit us and immediately reprogram them.  With the support of serpent energies for those who wish (anyone can participate without a serpent as well) we will release the underlying fear that sabotages each person’s life.  To recognize that what we fear, we have already overcome and that these fears have no power over us any longer.

5:30 – 6:30 DINNER
Join us in the Pavilion for a delicious gourmet meal!
Gather at the large Temple to be smudged, anointed and blessed for the Performance Ritual
Performance Offerings (dress in white)
The Rev. Priestess Anandha Ray leading
The Rev. Priest Brandon Zickerman channeling music selections for the ceremony
This ceremony is a movement prayer that we each offer, to be witnessed.  Each of you will have the opportunity to open the door of being seen as who you really are, expressing your authentic being, and being held in the loving embrace of the Tribe.  Movement translates our inner self and communicates from soul to soul.
We will do a movement meditation to open up your expressive self and connect with your prayer in the realm of the Silent Knowing, that place where words are limitations that we exceed by being fully present, engaged and aware.




This is an opportunity to rapidly increase your dance skills!

You will see tremendous change in your dancing in this one week. Are you ready to step up your own dancing and performance level? Through kick-ass improvisationally based dance techniques that take dancers to the next heights of dance in rapid speed, you will leave with an increased confidence and skill in performance, able to dance in ways that you never imagined you could attain so quickly!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.11.39 PM      Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.13.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.36.34 PMThe Food is Great and the company is even better!


The chef at Isis Oasis is renown as a master, and we can attest for that!!!  He will provide gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options to assure everyone can eat well!

And the meal time together is a profound experience of Tribe.


Develop more advanced skill as a performer and creatrix of dance:


  • attain a distinct understanding of how movement communicates
  • understand advanced concepts of how to keep your audience at rapt attention
  • learn how to create dances that touch the heart and soul of the viewer
  • develop an ease in creating profound performances




Have you been curious about how dance heals?

Through experiencing Shamanic Fusion Dance in a safe environment you will leave with a rekindled sense of inner peace and spiritual knowing; a renewed drive and passion about life that translates to every performance and feeds the information and inner knowing you will need to embrace as a dancer, performer… and person.

Enjoy dancing in the Temple of Isis and sleep in beautiful Egyptian themed rooms!


Enjoy a journey into another world as we retreat into the Isis Oasis, an animal sanctuary and Temple.  Dedicated to the goddess Isis, each room is elegantly Egyptian themed and the Temple has a large wooden floor where we will meet by day, and a stage where we will host performances and ceremonies at night.  Home to exotic birds and cats, participants are welcome to roam the grounds and visit the residents of this magical sanctuary.

Enjoy the animal sanctuary with a wide variety of endangered species… walk the labrythn, all with a tribe of like-minded comrades as you recharge your soul, reconnect with heart wisdom, and cultivate a deeper connection with your own genuine Self.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.33.03 PM




Select this link to read more about the amazing accommodations


You will have the opportunity to dive deeply into your own healing journey.



Have you experienced blocks to your success in dance and life? Through specific techniques that blend movement and psychological awakening, you will release trauma from your body, let go of hurts from the past and reprogram unhealthy belief systems that may be sabotaging you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.07.56 PM


Shared Housing
We will live as a family, interacting as a loving, non-judgmental Tribe, sharing a beautiful, spacious, grounds of the Isis Oasis!

The Opportunity to Dance from Your Heart Source!
Each day we will gather in the Temple for a well paced day of dance and healing… where we will dive into our own private world of sacred dance and ceremony; you will enjoy remarkably satisfying classes that will increase your dance technique and enhance your ability to take risk in movement… classes that will develop your understanding of how dance communicates to an audience and what keeps their attention… classes that uncover blocks to your creativity and reprogram unhealthy belief systems that can sabotage your success… classes that help you to create amazingly profound, stunning performances!


Sacred SOURCE-ery

3 Days at Isis Oasis
May 19 – 21, 2017

$460 for shared room (2 people per room),
$560 for a private room

This includes:

  • Amazing gourmet meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • 2 nights housing in the Egyptian themed lodge at Isis Oasis
  • a ritual performance on Friday
  • seven workshops/ceremonies
  • a ritual performance opportunity for YOU Saturday night**We will hold a ceremony in the Temple Saturday night in which you can choose to perform for the entire workshop.You can:bring a short performance (2 minutes is a great length) that you have prepared, or
    you can perform an improvisational spontaneous offering from your heart.We will have 2 minute selections of music available, or bring your own.The idea of this ritual performance is to be seen in your authentic truth by this loving Tribe, to share from your heart and to be fully received as the perfect being that you are.


Anandha Ray’s depth of experience as a Dancer, Teacher, Healer, Channeler, Priestess and Guide wove together an amazingly crafted journey for us to seamlessly dive into uncharted, subconscious territory and feel fully held in Grace and Strength so that we may be able to navigate through our own shadows and lights.

~ Jessica Forrest

What’s Not Included

• Your transportation to and from the Isis Oasis.

• Snacks and extra foods you might wish beyond the delicious purifying catered meals each day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.57.30 PM

What To Bring

  • Comfortable clothes to dance in
  • Swim wear (although suits are optional)
  • White Ceremonial Clothes (dress, skirts, pants, whatever you prefer, any style, SOLID white)
  • Toiletries (favorite shampoos, soap, toothpaste, make-up as desired)
  • A journal as desired
  • A water bottle

Your Hosts


Priestess Anandha Ray

As a 12 year old, Anandha began seeking the connection to spirit. Her path was varied, from traditional religion to the use of psychedelics to open the pineal gland. At 14 she found Kundalini Yoga and spent two years in complete dedication to the form. At a Summer Solstice, where participants were on a vow of silence for 10 days as they intensively studied yoga in the desert of New Mexico, Anandha observed an amazing style of yoga – done to music. For ten days she observed one woman doing this profound, fluid, beautiful yoga on her daily break. On the 11th day she asked what it was called.

Modern Dance. And thus began a lifetime devotion to dance. A life where creativity, passion and walking a path of integrity and honor were the guiding forces.  A life where the healing aspects of dance were what mattered.

Learn more about Anandha

AnandhaStJohnBridgeSmFour decades later, much joy and a complete connection to the body as a powerful tool for communicating soul to soul, Anandha is a much awarded dancer/choreographer/artistic director. She has two masters degrees in dance, has taught at a variety of locations from being the chairperson of a university dance program to founding her own dance center/theater. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, receiving standing ovations in seven countries, bringing her own company to provide concerts and workshops to Europe.

She has developed unique and exceptional methods for rapidly taking dancers to new levels of performance ability and dance skill. Having trained many professional dancers, in addition to several professional choreographers and directors who now have their own companies, she is excited to have begun a course of teacher training called Tribal Secrets: The Medicine of Movement. She travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, as a featured master teacher, performer and choreographer for universities and festivals where she trains dancers and teaches teachers the exceptional methods of dance and performance training she created.

Her work has been acknowledged in several awards and honors including citations from the US Senate, the California Assembly, induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary KY Colonel. She has been named a visionary to the 21st century, “One of 25 Women Leading the Arts” and won countless awards for her choreography, most recently receiving the highest national award in university dance for the second time (the first being 30 years ago), having her choreography chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, June 2016.

For four decades in dance, Anandha has created a spiritual connection of the soul through movement. Walking this path secretly as a professional choreographer who would be shunned and loose funding if the truth was revealed, she didn’t talk about spirituality, but just did the work. On many occasions people have been so touched by viewing one of her dances that they have written to Anandha to tell her how it changed their lives. On five occasions, viewers have written her letters telling her that viewing her dance brought back the connection to the world that kept them from committing suicide.

She feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy tours called “Dance Without Borders”, they illuminated the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

This is what guides her work today as she guides dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance as well as one who walks the planet in ceremony.

Iseum of Quimera Priest/esses who will co-lead this retreat…

The Rev. Priest Brandon Zickerman

Brandon Zickerman is a Priest in the Temple of Isis through the Iseum of Quimera.  He has undergone intensive training to perform, lead ceremonies and teach, with the famous modern dance choreographer Anandha Ray and has performed with her renowned Quimera Tribe since 2015. As such he has trained extensively in the Medicine of Movement and performs Ritual Performances with many groups.  He began his artistic passion early on playing piano at age 8 and performed with the legendary Waltraud Karkar in the Nutcracker ballet. He moved on to voice performance in high school. In college he began dancing and joined the university orchestra as a percussionist. He recently was recruited into a bellydance troupe as a comic extra and has since taken bellydance classes to widen his modern dance knowledge. 

The Rev. Priestess Marilu Chan (Ishtar)

The Rev. Priestess Eden Rumelt

Eden Rumelt is a healing and performing artist and an ordained priestess under the Fellowship and Temple of Isis through the Iseum of Quimera. She runs her massage and wellness support business, Eden Rumelt Healing Services, in Sebastopol, CA. Her background in theater, dance, and personal growth work led her to Anandha Ray, with whom she has trained and performed since early 2015. She also performs solo and collaboratively around the Bay Area and beyond, sometimes under the stage name Lady Eternal Love. Eden is devoted to dance as healing and to exploring the mysteries of the soul. She is honored to work in community in service to the awakening of self and humanity.


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