Diamonds: A Public Concert


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For the occasion of Anandha’s 60th birthday, our community is gathering to present a Shamanic Fusion Dance concert to raise funds for Isis Oasis. Our community will gather at the Temple for a week in a choreography retreat culminating in a Shamanic Fusion Dance concert of new works and audience favorites.

Performance will be at the TEMPLE OF ISIS, in Geyserville, CA on January 13th at 7:00 PM.

There are several options to attend:

1. Attend just the concert and reception ($25)
2. Come to dinner, the concert and a reception ($50)
3. Enjoy dinner, the concert, the reception and STAY THE NIGHT in the lovely Egyptian themed lodge at the Isis Oasis sanctuary and animal rescue. ($125 for a private room, $95 each for a shared room, $75 to stay in the dorm). With this option, enjoy the jacuzzi after the show and visit the exotic animals in the morning.



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