As the new year is birthed, we have traditionally celebrated with this idea that we are re-birthed as well, and thus the custom of new year’s resolutions.  

New Year Resolutions… even just the idea conjures for me the idea that something will be difficult.

The human mind works much better when given a concept, rather than dictated a rule.  To accomplish what we set our minds to, we need to fully understand the concept.  Then, when we have full by in from our subconscious as well as conscious mind, accomplishing our goals is easy.  In INTENTION is the same as a resolution, it just isn’t a set of rules to follow, but more an idea to adapt.  So, let’s consider the idea of setting New Year Intentions!

As 2017 comes to an end, let’s decide what we wish to bring into being in 2018. Only your imagination limits what will become of your life. Once you decide what you want, it is surprising how the universe supports you in ways you could never imagine. Setting your imagination free, conceptualize a New Year’s Intention that will bring you what you desire in 2018.  Want to lose weight? Instead of a resolution to eat less or exercise more, set intentions that support your goal.  Rather than saying you must go to the gym every day, set yourself up with daily intentions that motivate your decision making to be healthy.

Frankly, when we set an intention, often our subconscious goes right to work to sabotage it.  Our subconscious drives our actions, no matter what we consciously try to tell ourselves.  Allowing your imagination to be a free and active part of creating your future requires overcoming subconscious belief systems that could limit you.  Overcoming subconscious belief systems can be done with a bit of trickery!  The subconscious doesn’t speak words.  It communicates in feelings, in symbols, and in the spaces between words.

We don’t always have to analyze what our limiting beliefs are. If we work with symbols, the language of the subconscious, we can overcome and reprogram those beliefs.

Here is one way to use symbols to reprogram unhealthy belief systems:

First decide what your goal is.  Let’s say you want to loose weight (a common New Year’s goal).  

Create a way of thinking about loosing weight that is outside of words.  Maybe find some photos of you thinner, focus your thoughts to remember how if feels to move with ease in a thinner body.  Focus on the way it feels and the image, and stay away from thinking words. Words cause the subconscious to deflect an idea.  “I want to loose weight” is immediately met by the feelings of why you must remain heavy in order to be safe”. It is hard to understand the subconscious because it doesn’t rationalize with words… just feelings and images.  What can you associate with thinness?  Better health? Feeling better? Feeling more energetic? Less stress on joints?  Find the concepts that you want to bring into your life.  Not just the superficial goal of weight, but the deeper commitment to health, comfort, passion, vitality… 

Once you can begin to PICTURE yourself more healthy, feeling better, more energy, etc…
Once you FEEL yourself being thinner…


Create daily rituals to remind your subconscious of this intention.  Here are some ideas:

As you rise each morning, create reminder rituals. Set something by your bedside or on your dressing table to remind you to begin your day by affirming that which you are calling forth in your life. Something as simple as a heart shaped rock that you see upon rising that reminds you to focus on making decisions that create vitality is all you need.  What you think about the first moment of your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Create a way to remind yourself to think thoughts that support your goals.  Your day sets the tone for your week, your week for your month, your year, etc.

At that moment of your awakening, picture the thing you are calling in. You might notice that in the back of your mind, you have thoughts that play in a loop, such as, “I can’t do that,” “That works for other people, not me,” I’m stuck this way, and I can never change,”, etc. These are common beliefs. They are true, if you believe them.

As you wake up and place your attention on the change you desire, and you notice those sabotaging thoughts, consciously DECIDE to think the opposite thought. Say it out loud. If you want to lose weight and you wake up inspired and then that thought creeps into your mind, “I’ll never be thin, it’s not in my DNA. My whole family is fat. I have no will power and can’t control what I eat. I hate exercise and so it’s hopeless to even try.” Consciously notice those thoughts instead of letting the tape loop continue over and over in your mind.

Once you determine what those thoughts are, begin to counter them by creating a new tape loop. “I can be my most healthy self. I desire food to nourish my body. I can meet my emotional needs in other ways. I don’t have to ‘exercise’, I’ll just add a little more walking to each day.” 

Step by step, when you awaken and see your reminder on your bedside or dressing table, begin the systemic reprogramming of your positive, supportive thoughts.

Then, you can establish routines where you reaffirm your affirmation as you go through your day. Perhaps you place a reminder by where you make your morning coffee, by your shower, in your car, etc. It can be symbolic object or even just a note to yourself.

Bringing your conscious awareness throughout the day, overriding the sabotaging self-talk that is so common, sets the tone for you to accomplish great things and you become an active participant in the conscious creation of your life.


Here’s a story of the impossible dream:

As a young choreographer leading my own dance company, my biggest dream was to tour internationally. Everyone laughed at me – even in my face! “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT WHEN BIGGER COMPANIES AREN’T EVEN TOURING!?!”

They would mock me.

This desire burned so strongly within me that I just couldn’t give up, even though I had no idea how in the world I could make it happen.

At one point, I didn’t even have the funds to produce our next dance concert. I decided to get a concert ready anyway, even though I had no possible performance opportunities. Dancers from my company called me crazy and quit while others stayed.

We were just about finished creating this dance concert when I got a phone call from a producer I had worked with on a tour to Kentucky.

Anandha, I’ve just had someone cancel for an international tour next month. Can you take their place?”

AND WE COULD! We had a concert ready!

That was our first international tour, which lead to another, which lead to another. By the end of my career, I had toured the company to 8 countries and received standing ovations at almost every city in each of the countries.

It all started as a dream that I wouldn’t give up on.