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New Moon Serpent Ceremonies

Do You Hear the Call of the Tribe?






Do you feel the call to dance as an offering of your spirit?

It is through working within the supported environment of the Tribe, through dance and the serpent energy of transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.



WINTER SESSION 2018 (4 ceremonies)
Jan 26 • Feb 16 • Mar 16 • April 13


SPRING SESSION 2018 (2 ceremonies)
May 18 • June 15


FALL Session 2018 (4 ceremonies)
Sept 14 • Oct 12 • Nov 9 • Dec 7


You receive a significant discount
for pre-registering for ceremonies in one session.

We discourage drop-ins as they disrupt the continuity of the group. However, TRIAL CEREMONIES are offered at the beginning of each session.  Just register for ONE ceremony after filling out your Intention Form.

If at the time of registration you know that you have travel plans and know now that you cannot attend one of the ceremonies,
write this in your intention form and we will honor that.



You will receive a discounted rate depending on how many ceremonies you take,
so pre-register for all the ceremonies that you can attend this session to receive the best price.

We are a committed Tribe,
we meet together once a month
to transform our lives TOGETHER.


We are calling in the Tribe to gather monthly and heal
the purification of the ceremonies we do effects your life in profound ways,
and thus effects those around you, and thus your greater community and out into the world!

Are you ready to re-awaken your spiritual connection to performance
and a profound embodiment of inner peace,
through the mediums of Dance and Ceremony?


After you have read this page…


to unlock the registration process, and join the Tribe…

submit your
Intention Form

Brandon came to us with no experience in dance -and now is a sought after performer!  It is the unwavering dedication to attend without fail that brings one to the highest tenets of transformation!
WHO Should Attend?

“This is a call for those dancers who have a strong desire to change the world through the spiritual power of dance, and who are willing to do the intense personal purification and work to make it happen.  We will travel to deepening layers of our humanness to become the carriers of Shamanic Fusion Dance: Ritual Performances that are completely REAL.  It is both a challenge and a great joy to perform from this place of being a pure channel, releasing the ego and ego driven goals…  if you are willing to do the work, I will lead you on this journey! ”

-Anandha Ray

No Experience is Necessary.
An Unbending Intention is Required.

Dancers come to the ceremonies with a wide variety of backgrounds in dance, from professional dancers to those with no experience -but a dancer’s heart.  Wherever you start, from beginners to professionals, your technique in dance will be enhanced and you will find yourself able to take creative and athletic risk.  And, for us it is the spiritual connection that creates the most profound performances, so we ask those who join us to bring with them an UNBENDING INTENTION; a commitment to attend, on time, each and every ceremony.

Because this level of commitment raises the artistic and spiritual bar so dramatically, and because we want to achieve the highest levels of excellence, we will ask you to be SO committed that you arrive early and attend EVERY month.

WHAT Exactly IS a Serpent Ceremony?

A serpent ceremony is the gathering of spiritually minded dancers who want to depend their abilities to both perform and to channel authentic Ritual and Ceremonial Experiences in performance.


In the tradition of the Dakini Rose Temple (Monique Trinity Rose),


We create a monthly ceremonial gathering in the Bay Area.  Additionally, Anandha occasionally offers Serpent Ceremonial Immersions in locations where she can drive with the serpents.


Serpent Ceremonies include:

     • Setting our intention
     • Diving outside of our human limitations
     • Serpent Dancing
In the Serpent Ceremonies we dance without serpents in the beginning, to prepare the body before activating the serpents. Then we generally break for about 30 minutes to eat a snack (PLEASE BRING A SNACK and DRINK).  Then we bring out the serpents to dive into a specific ritual that utilizes the energies of the serpent as we dance together or perform for each other.
Our format:
Setting our intention: Each month a new intention is set as part of our individual growth.  In ceremonies, supportive group energies and the transformative power of the serpent energy are abundant toward the success of our goals.
Intuitive Technique:  unlocking the creativity within the body as we dive deeply into the inner workings and dance that is alive in each of our individual bodies, we often begin with what is best described as a period of improvisation, a guided movement meditation.  Anandha developed Intuitive Technique as a means to train professional dancer and discovered that it rapidly propels any dancer into higher levels of understanding dance within their body.
Waking Dreams: Moving through guided imagery, we journey through the realm of our subconscious blocks, discovering and unlocking belief systems that no longer serve our higher power.  Anandha developed Waking Dreams through the combination of her masters degrees studies and experiences in dance therapy, kinesiology, choreography and improvisation.
Movement Landscapes: Serpent Performances:  Serpents are masters of transformation and carry healing energy as well.  In dancing with the serpent, one must learn to follow the serpent energy, to be guided by it’s presence and to hear it’s message.  This requires one to shed his/her ego and dive into the unknown, with the first goal being to BE AUTHENTIC in performance, transforming our humanness to channel pure spirit in performance.
What STYLE of Dance is This?

The form of dance we do is called Shamanic Fusion Dance.  It is a series of innovative methodologies to teach dance technique and performance skill.  Developed by Anandha Ray throughout a professional career in dance that spanned more than 30 years, Shamanic Fusion Dance combines the specialties of her two masters degrees:  Choreography with a second emphasis in Kinesiology and second master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy.  The intersection of these forms has spurred a radical departure from traditional training.  These new methodologies were developed to bring professional ballet dancers quickly into a more refined skill in athletic risk, full bodied movement and enhance emotional performance skill required for the work of Anandha’s company Moving Arts Dance.  Subsequently these techniques have been used to train every level of dancer from young children to highest caliber professionals, in extensive performance training programs, at universities and in a wide variety of settings.  One thing has been radically consistent: dancers improve unbelievably fast!

The training has three forms that we utilize in our ceremonies:
Intuitive Technique, Waking Dreams and performance structures called Movement Landscapes

Intuitive Technique (unlocking fully bodied creative movement and confidence in athletic risk through dance)

A kick ass athletic improvisation class that develops neurological connections to pure technique in motion, unblocks fears that sabotage one’s ability to go full out in athletic risk, and demystifies the manner in which dance performances communicate to audiences. I call it Intuitive Technique and there’s nothing else like it. It changes people’s ability to take risk in motion in one class, can take a beginner to an understanding of intermediate level movement in one class, and helps advanced dancers understand the path to professional while professionals deepen their mastery of athletic and emotional nuance.


Waking Dreams (unlocking emotionally expressive performance ability)

In order to become an extraordinary performer one must be able to reach deeply into one’s inner emotional world and channel whatever character the choreographer requests.  Demystifying the manner in which movement communicates and then diving deeply into and mastering ones expressive abilities is a phenomenal asset as a dancer. This form facilitates that goal.  Dancers are guided on a movement journey that can channel other characters, other lives and develop a familiarity with the deepest recesses of our own performance abilities.


Movement Landscapes (structured performances)

These are structures that facilitate deeply human performances. Movement Landscapes can be recorded tracks that can be danced as performance training or as performances, or they can be skeletal structures for improvisational performances.  These performances and performance training can be facilitated in ceremony as well as in formal concert performances that are deeply moving.  In our monthly Serpent Ceremonies we create Movement Landscapes as a ceremonial performance rite, whereas in public performances we create Movement Landscapes that result in more formalized dances for the stage.

When are the DATES again?

Please put these in your calendar before you commit


WINTER SESSION 2018 (4 ceremonies)

Jan 26 • Feb 16 • Mar 16 • April 13

SPRING SESSION 2018 (2 ceremonies)

May 18 • June 15

FALL Session 2018 (4 ceremonies)

Sept 14 • Oct 12 • Nov 9 • Dec 7


What Exactly is the COMMITMENT?

We ask you to arrive respectfully early, before 9:45, to settle into the space before we begin.
At 10:00 we lock the doors, we really, really want everyone to arrive before 9:45 so we have a graceful opening of the ceremony.

We ask you to stay until 2:00, and if possible plan so that you schedule is not too closely scheduled.  At the end of the session we will ask everyone to enjoy our “photo rituals”, a group shot and then whoever wants selfies with the serpents, and then you can stay and join us for our “coffee ritual” after the ceremony!

This is a private group, but anyone can apply.
Qualifications include a desire to do spiritual work through dance, an open heart and a mature ego.  It is important to commit to attend each month with UNBENDING INTENT, drop-in participants slow the progress of the group and are therefor not permitted except for special circumstances and at the beginning of each session.
Your first ceremony can be a trial, and after committing the the group we ask that you add all dates to your calendar right away, and that absences be avoided.  If you know when you are registering that you must miss a particular session, note that and we will honor it.  It is the last minute absences that disrupt the group process most.

Please plan to arrive at 9:30.  We must all gather before 9:45 am, latecomers will not be permitted, (at 10:00 am the doors will be locked).

Please add all these dates to your calendar BEFORE committing, to assure your unbending intention to attend.
Our upcoming Ceremonies:

Winter 2017
Jan 27 (for the January 28 new moon)
Mar 3 (for the February 26 new moon)
Mar 31 (for the Mar 28 new moon)
Apr 28 (for the Apr 26 new moon)

Spring 2017
May 26 (for the May 25 new moon)
June 23 (for the June 24 new moon)

until Sept 2017

How should I dress? What should I bring?
  1. Bring an open heart and hold a “good attitude” toward all that arrises.  With us, you will practice conscious awareness of your own experience, including thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and anything else that may arise in the course of the ceremony. This is truly a nonjudgmental environment. 
  2. Demonstrate UNBENDING INTENT, honoring that intent by giving the scheduling of this priority in your calendar. Plan to attend every ceremony (unless you are trialing just one month). We highly recommend you write it into your calendar for the year to avoid accidental over-scheduling.  
  3. Plan to arrive early so that if traffic, or anything else gets in the way, you still arrive on time.  This is a great plan.  Plan to arrive at 9:30, then if you are late you will still arrive before 9:45.
  4. Bring Water and BRING LUNCH (we “break bread” together during a 30 minute break, and there is no time to go get food)

I am happy to dedicate myself to working with others who also hold a strong commitment and dedication.  Those not able to hold a commitment actually drain the group… To those who can hold a commitment, we welcome you in as a member of the circle!  When you can hold your life in a place that allows you to honor unbending intent and dedication to attend each session, on time it is best for the group and thus best for each member within the ceremonies.”     -Anandha Ray


Bring your serpent if you have one, or borrow one of ours if you are not yet a serpent keeper.  If your serpent is in shed, do not bring it.


Dress in a manner as if it were an informal performance.  It is akin to a dance-church.  We dress to move, in a manner that is a bit more formal than taking class.
PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING WATER AND A SNACK (there is a very short break at about 12:30 or 1:00 but not enough time to go out to find food).
What is the value I should expect?

Developed by Anandha Ray M.A., M.A., DTR,  through the vision of the Dakini Rose Gardens, New Moon Serpent Ceremonies bring our Tribe together through the language of dance to dive into a spiritual form of training our body and mind to be balanced and at peace.  The result of continued participation in these ceremonies is that your mind becomes clear and confident, subconscious issues that have been limiting you heal, and you develop the ability to be a pure channel for performances, as well as for interactions in relationships as a parent, teacher, spouse, friend, lecturer, mentor and all human interactions in this realm.

We become better Sacred Dance performers…
but more importantly…

are the results we see in our lives as we continue this practice.

and BELONGING TO a supportive, committed TRIBE is so important in these times! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.12.52 PMThrough the Serpent Ceremonies,
we are offering a new dimension in dance training…

It is a dimension where
actual ritual and ceremony
becomes artistic performance

We open a ceremonial vortex, dance together with and without the serpents and then, often, dance for each other.

These performances are not choreography…

These performances are heart and soul
made visible through guided improvisational ritual.

These performances bring your authentic self to the forefront
and allow you to be witnessed in the compete truth of your being.

And to be witnessed by YOUR supportive, nonjudgmental

A non-judgmental Tribe that will have your back, a Tribe that is being developed as a Sacred Community that we can all COUNT ON!

And the serpents help us to transform our insecurities, issues and challenges
into our strength, grace and confidence.

What is the Connection of the Subconscious?

Personal Purification: (Waking Dreams)

It is through personal purification that we become channels for Shamanic Fusion Dance.  Through this purification we become masters of our movement expressiveness and profound performances!

Our brains and especially our minds are mystical. Really. They function in ways that are difficult for us to comprehend, and science does not yet understand. How is it, for example, that an intangible thought results in the physical reality of action in the neurotransmitters of the brain? From nothing to something.  Science does not have an answer, and yet we manifest thoughts and feelings into neurotransmitters.  It is the great unanswered question.

Our thoughts manifest our reality.  And our thoughts are really controlled by our subconscious belief systems.  These beliefs were likely formed when we were children, and it is highly likely that we make decisions everyday based on beliefs that not only are no longer useful, but may in fact interfere with our goals.

Our thoughts come from our minds, based on our subconscious understanding of the world. Our minds are governed by subconscious belief systems that have been in place since we were children.

If someone commented on our weight as a child, we may have grown into an adult with weight issues that are a manifestation of a belief system about our weight.  And, we may interpret things that happen based on our belief system -because the goal of the mind is to always prove ourselves right.  Thus, for example, we may interpret that a person gave us a dirty look because they thought we were fat… when in fact that person had a stomachache.  But for us, that dirty look PROVED the belief system that we hold about ourselves.

Not only that, but we take actions to prove to ourself that our subconsciouss beliefs are correct.   In the above example, we may make resolutions to loss weight, but we keep eating this etchings we know will cause weight issues.  We sabotage ourself.  Why?  It is not a simple matter of self-discipline.  Our subconscious wants to protect us -based on the often faulty belief systems formed when we were children. Thus it sends us self-sabotaging messages that keep us functioning inside of those beliefs.

It is self-perpetuating.  Until we consciously break the cycle.

In the battle between the conscious mind and the subconscious, the subconscious always wins.  There is so much research on this, I encourage you to read more on your own.

The beautiful thing is that we can begin to unlock subconscious blocks, and develop healthy belief systems… and it’s not that hard!

Our subconscious understands life in the manner of symbols.  Thus, for the purposes of understanding our mind, reality is as a dream. What we PERCEIVE is our reality. And what we perceive can in no way be trusted to be REAL when we each see things through the filters that our subconscious created when we were children, through the understanding of life experiences at our younger ages, and through our minds reactions to traumatic events.

So reality is permeable.

AND… We can control what our reality is! That is the beauty. We can discover our subconscious belief systems and integrate new understandings that unlock those things that get in our way and cause us to live in ways that are less than our ultimate self.

The subconscious communicates through the language of symbol.

Like a dream.
And we can learn to read these symbols and direct the dance that is our life.

This monthly ceremony will give you tools to take control of your dance, and your life!  We break through the subconscious belief systems and reprogram our minds to the understandings that support the goals that we set for ourselves.

And that is only the beginning.

2. Performance Channeling (Serpent Rituals and Performances)

In the depths of the workings of the group, we will understand how dance communicates with the soul of the witness… how to channel pure, authentic movement communications while disengaging the ego.  How to create dances that are not based on entertainment values, but rather on the ancient ways of dance to heal both the performer and the viewer.

We engage serpents as a tool for transformation. For moving through our humanness toward the goal of becoming pure energy, pure BEING, a pure channel without the distractions of our personalities or our personal preferences… toward the goal of channeling the spirit or energy that is needed in the moment.

It is imperative that everyone attends every ceremony, so that the group can progress together, sequentially, toward ever-higher levels of


1. Dismantling ego driven performance decisions, and

2. Building the foundation of understanding movement as the language of the subconscious, as a tool to speak soul-to-soul.

This form, Shamanic Dance, can rekindle a part of our humanness that we lost when we became less primitive, less savage… when “radio/television/internet/entertainment” took over our social connectivity.  It is a part of us that we can reconnect through community into the mystical aspects of our souls.  It is a part of us that gathers for meaningful community experiences.  It is the church of life… of dance… of our human soul in deep connection to others.

This is where we are going through Shamanic Fusion Dance… to the roots of our human soul connections.

“It is time for a change in the way that we perform… dance has a higher purpose than entertainment.  Dance can change the world, it can heal the performer and it can heal the witness.  But it takes a lot of personal work to bring yourself to a place where you can be a clear channel in this regard.  And there is no end to what we can accomplish if we are willing to do the work.

The work is a Sacred Dance form called SHAMANIC FUSION DANCE.

It is a form of performing that opens the door to healing for all those involved (performers and witnesses).  It is based in ritual and ceremony through the language of movement, accessing the subconscious of the mover to speak with the subconscious of the viewer.

These are not performances that are artistic renderings of ceremony, these are highly developed artistic performances of ACTUAL CEREMONY.

When I “retired” from the professional modern/ballet world I was drawn to my love of ritual and ceremony.  I found that there are many people performing dances that draw artistically from the idea of ceremony and ritual.  Shamanic Fusion Dance is a re-rendering of actual ceremony that is presented the format of performances.  Each dance has a spiritual intention and uses shamanic techniques in the performance.  Each performer, therefore, learns to channel pure spirit into performance.

It is profound personally, interpersonally and intrapersonally!

Dance is so much more than entertainment!  Through Shamanic Fusion Dance that we do in the Serpent Ceremonies we are training to do the work of healing ourselves and our community, working in mind, spirit and soul through performances of dance.  But there is much to learn!  We invoke the subconscious of the dancer and viewer, and we utilize mirror-neurons and survival instincts to catapult the connection between audience and performer.  To do so one must first purify subconscious self-thought and belief systems, and then deepen one’s ability to perform with constant authentic evocation and mastery of one’s own mind-self.”

  -Anandha Ray
Learn About Anandha

Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR

As a 12 year old, Anandha began seeking the connection to spirit. Her path was varied, from traditional religion to the use of psychedelics to open the pineal gland. At 14 she found Kundalini Yoga and spent two years in complete dedication to the form. At a Summer Solstice, where participants were on a vow of silence for 10 days as they intensively studied yoga in the desert of New Mexico, Anandha observed an amazing style of yoga – done to music. For ten days she observed one woman doing this profound, fluid, beautiful yoga on her daily break. On the 11th day she asked what it was called…

Modern Dance! And thus began a lifetime devotion to dance. A life where creativity, passion and walking a path of integrity and honor were the guiding forces.


Four decades later, much joy and a complete connection to the body as a powerful tool for communicating soul to soul, Anandha is a much awarded dancer/choreographer/artistic director. She has two masters degrees in dance, has taught at a variety of locations from being the chairperson of a university dance program to founding her own dance center/theater. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, receiving standing ovations in seven countries, bringing her own company to provide concerts and workshops to Europe.

She has developed unique and exceptional methods for rapidly taking dancers to new levels of performance ability and dance skill. Having trained many professional dancers, in addition to several professional choreographers and directors who now have their own companies, she is excited to have begun a course of teacher training called Tribal Secrets: The Medicine of Movement. She travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, as a featured master teacher, performer and choreographer for universities and festivals where she trains dancers and teaches teachers the exceptional methods of dance and performance training she created.

Her work has been acknowledged in several awards and honors including citations from the US Senate, the California Assembly, induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary KY Colonel. She has been named a visionary to the 21st century, “One of 25 Women Leading the Arts” and won countless awards for her choreography, most recently receiving the highest national award in university dance for the second time (the first being 30 years ago), having her choreography chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, June 2016.

With literally a lifetime of experience in dance, she holds two masters degrees in dance, was a Registered Dance Therapist, the Chairperson of University, College and Community dance programs and directed a critically acclaimed, professionally touring modern dance company (Moving Arts Dance), receiving standing ovations from sold out crowds in several countries.

She has trained professional dancers, choreographers, artistic directors and she is the teacher of teachers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.54.51 PMFor over forty years in dance, Anandha has created a spiritual connection of the soul through movement. Walking this path secretly as a professional choreographer who would be shunned and loose funding if the truth was revealed, she didn’t talk about spirituality, but just did the work. On many occasions people have been so touched by viewing one of her dances that they have written to Anandha to tell her how it changed their lives. On five occasions, viewers have written her letters telling her that viewing her dance brought back the connection to the world that kept them from committing suicide.

She feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy tours called “Dance Without Borders”, they illuminated the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

This is what guides her work today as she guides dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance as well as one who walks the planet in ceremony.



As our ancestors used to know, and farmers have carried this knowledge all along, the phases of the moon effects us profoundly.  The new moon is a time for new beginnings and transformation.


Let’s all dress in white ceremony clothes for the Serpent Ceremonies.
Dressing in ceremony clothes will help to set the mind into a frame of mind that is activated for the formality of the ceremony.  Please arrive in your ceremony whites, and if you’d like you can change into “people” clothes before you depart from the ceremony.

“Becoming involved in the monthly Serpent Ceremonies has accelerated my growth in countless ways. I attribute this work to helping further explore my shadow and transmute aspects of myself so that I may shine in the light of my highest form. Anandha is a wonderful teacher. She is an inspiring force. I feel so genuinely seen and supported when I am with the tribe that gathers for these ceremonies. I have always wanted to delve more into performing but have never truly been able to come out of my shell to do so. With every ceremony I participate in, I feel this self-imposed shell being cracked. I am looking forward to continuing to participate so that I may continue to break free and release things that no longer serve me.” Megan Crystal-Rose

Activities Therapist, Artist

Ready to Join us?

Scroll down for the link to fill out an Intention Form!

The Serpent Ceremonies activate transformation in our lives.  
As as you participate in the ceremonies each month you will develop the connection and skill to perform them for the public.

We have much work to cover,

  • each month stirring the subconscious to rebuild the neuro-connections and dismantle the “scar tissue” of faulty belief systems
  • purifying our mind-connections so that we can face the fears of our humanness and surpass our limitations…
  • to attain the divinity of greatness that we can achieve through dance and performance in Shamanic Fusion.
We are on a path of healing the world through our own purification, through the support of the group as we catapult ourselves further together than we could alone… and as our deep work reaches into the community. It is UNBENDING INTENT of a supportive group environment -Tribe- that will take us there!
Through serpent energy, WE INVITE TRANSFORMATION, not just for ourselves but FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY… and in the ripple effect that we have, FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.  
Are you ready to do the work?  
  • First it means setting your intention, your absolute guarantee that you will come without fail, without tardiness, each ceremony in the session for which you register.  This commitment is important as it is the safe energetic container of a consistent TRIBE that helps these ceremonies make such tremendous change for us individually.
  • Second, it means bringing to each ceremony the courage and willingness to do the inner work to become the most balanced, pure human BEING that we can each become.  


What Our Tribe is Saying

Let our Tribe do the talking!

I am eternally grateful for our time spent together diving deep into our souls and selves communing in remembrance with our serpents and each other. The illumination and embracing of our truest light and shadow aspects that we experienced in ceremony and ritual together has helped me so much in my personal growth and evolution over these last weeks of processing and integration. With each day I continue to rise into my higher and more radiant self from a place of greater wholeness, peace, forgiveness and acceptance than ever before. Thank you to the beautiful Anandha Ray for your nurturing yet powerful support and guidance through this initiation, it has been an absolute honor to cross paths with such a humble master of wisdom and knowledge keeper of the ways of the modern medicine woman. Thank you to the serpents for sharing their medicine and lessons of ever present presence and intuitive sentience in each moment. I have never learned as much as I have about feeling one’s way through life and trusting the internal cues and messages received along the way as I have from my time with the serpents and in sisterhood.

Natasha Naugle

Anandha Ray has a way to hold space that encourages truth, aliveness & authentic expression. Since joining Serpent Ceremony and going through a year long ordination to be a Priestess of Isis with the guidance of Anandha, I have come more fully into My Self: my Soul, expression, and work in the world. I have given myself permission to be witnessed in a sacred container of non-judgement and this has brought me joy and a deeper love for myself and my tribe. I feel stronger now, with the training that she has guided me through, and I continue to delve into the subconscious to bring my unique creative Shakti through in all that I do and all that I am. Since receiving training with Anandha Ray, I feel more embodied and have an array of body movements and expressions that I am more easily able to tap into and share with my audience. The magic that occurs when dancing from the inside out, is undeniable. Thank you, Anandha for showing up and herding us wild cats into the unknown and known. Ciel Juniper

Massage Therapist, Priestess, Artist

Anandha Ray has a way of bringing out the dancer and magic through the her intricate understanding of Movement and Spontaneity, linking Spirit and Dance into The Alchemy of Visual Shamanic Healing through the Art of Dance.  Training with her has taught and reminded my body & subconscious that every movement is ART and Art is Magic and Healing for both the dancer and the witness of the dance.  As a belly dancer, it was scary for me to go ” out of the box” in movements… Performing & Training with her in all the multifaceted knowledge and experience she has in dance for over 30 years has reminded my body and given me permission to let my body dance however it wants to, and to learn how to really ” tune in” to my own magic.


Kalyani Shakti Khandro

Massage Therapist, Healer, Priestess, Dakini Healing Medicine

Frequently Asked Snake Questions

Do I need my own snake?
No. Several members of the group own more than one serpent. There are always plenty.
Are your snakes tame?

Yes.  Though you can never really “tame” a snake (they don’t “train” like dogs or cats), we handle them often and it is normal in their life so they are not nervous. In fact, they enjoy being held and even though they love their cages, they often would prefer to be held more when it is time to put them back.  Many of the snakes in the circle are “service snakes” that are used to introduce people to snakes for the first time.

But could they BITE?  Yes. It is important to understand that any pet with a mouth may bite you. But that is very rare… much more rare than cat or dog bites. Snakes mostly bite people by accident when they are being fed.  It hurts less than a scratch from a rose thorn. Their teeth are smaller than acupuncture needles.  But it is scary because they move so swiftly when they bite.  So we are very careful when feeding them, and they NEVER get fed at a ceremony.


Do I HAVE to dance with a snake?
No.  You are welcome to participate and not hold a snake.  Some people have come with such initial fear that once we bring out the snakes, they stay near the door.  The first half of the ceremony we often dance without serpents.
Do different snakes have different personalities? Like dogs?

Yes.  Different breeds of snakes are typically different personalities, of course with exceptions.  Ball pythons are very gentle snakes and typically prefer to curl in a ball and be calm than move about very much.  Boas may move about a bit more than ball pythons, and often dance in the air while we are  dancing with them.  One serpent in our circle is a bull snake.  He likes to move about a lot and can move more quickly than other breeds.  You will get to choose which serpent you dance with, so ask questions and make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

But do they have emotions? Probably not.  Snakes tend to BE HERE NOW and be reactive to situations.  They do sense fear.  Fear signals danger, they are aware of signs of danger and may sometimes shy from a person who has intense fear -but with our snakes that is rare.  These snakes are so used to people that they are not in a nervous head space and as a rule remain calm in ceremonies.  Where there is a rule, there is an exception that proves it.  If someone is aggressive with a serpent it may react out of fear.  When they are afraid they either move quickly away (most typical), hiss a warning, or bite so quickly you wonder if that really just happened.  We teach people how to handle them to make them feel safe, and to always respect the needs of the animal.

In Summary…

• Put all dates on your calendar first
• Fill out an INTENTION FORM to be invited to register
• Plan to arrive BEFORE 9:45 every ceremony
• Bring your lunch every ceremony (so we can eat in ritual together)
• Wear (white optional) ceremonial clothes you can dance in

• Bring your snake if you have one
• Bring an open mind and heart
• Bring an UNBENDING INTENTION to attend every ceremony and take your place as a supportive member of the Tribe
• Turn off your cell phone for the duration of every gathering (even during breaks)

3 Serpent Ceremonies

Jan - Apr 2018
$$150/3 ceremonies
  • Complete the Intention Form to let us know you are interested in attending the New Moon Serpent Ceremonies, the gateway to being a member of the Quimera Tribe.  Once you submit your form, register for the ceremonies you will be able attend. You will receive further instructions about where to go, where to park, what to bring and what to wear before the first ceremony.
Intention Form

2 Serpent Ceremonies

Jan - Apr 2018
$$110/2 ceremonies
  • Complete the Intention Form to let us know you are interested in attending the New Moon Serpent Ceremonies, the gateway to being a member of the Quimera Tribe.  Once you submit your form, register for the ceremonies you will be able attend. You will receive further instructions about where to go, where to park, what to bring and what to wear before the first ceremony.
Intention Form

Trial Session

You may attend one ceremony before deciding to join the Tribe
$60/one ceremony
  • Complete the Intention Form to let us know you are interested in attending the New Moon Serpent Ceremonies, the gateway to being a member of the Quimera Tribe.  Once you submit your form, register and pay for the ceremony you will attend. You will receive further instructions about where to go, where to park, what to bring and what to wear before the ceremony. Please note that trial ceremonies are only available for the first two ceremonies of a given session.
Intention Form

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