Tribal Secrets Performance Retreat

Shamanic Fusion Dance
a FREE 5 day workshop in MEXICO!

Let the magic begin…


Are you ready to awaken your spiritual connection to performance
and experience a profound transformation of your performance ability?

Do you want to perform at a theater in Mexico with a tribe of like minded dance artists?

Anandha Ray will guide you through a transformative week.
It will surprise you just how much you will learn!

Dance experience is preferred, any style of dance.

Here are the details of this amazing offer:


  • We will meet at 5:15 PM and end at 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday.
  • On Friday we will meet at 2:00 PM to prepare for a dress rehearsal of the concert at 3:00 PM.
  • On Friday our concert, Ritual of the Night, will be performed at 7:00 PM.

By learning the Tribal Secrets of dance, every cell in your body will understand dance more fully while your technique improves exponentially. Ultimately, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of your own authentic self. In one week you will master advanced concepts of dance technique, and you will discover deep levels about yourself and your profound ability as a performer. We will create a performance to offer to the public, co-sponsored by CEART Rosarito!

The coast of Mexico offers a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life where we can retreat into a focused world of dance and community.  Workshop participants will have the day free to indulge in the gifts of the ocean and the medicine of the beach as you absorb and practice the lessons learned the day before.

After more than 30 years as a professional dancer, Anandha has developed an understanding of how to reveal Tribal Secrets in a manner that allows you to embody and understand dance in a way that propels your dancing to the next stage -right away.

Bathe in the confidence that this retreat will bring you to embody your highest level of performance while enhancing your athletic ability and spiritual connection to dance!

By the end of this retreat you will feel in every cell of your body profound changes in your dancing, your sense of self.

As a DANCER you will embody:

  • the connection you have to the sacred and how you can use movement and shamanic practices to deepen your sense of spiritual well-being and joy
  • more invigorated and confident skill in dance
  • more passion for performance
  • a deeper understanding of how dance communicates and what makes dance meaningful to audience
  • how to create spiritually inspired dances that touch the viewer’s heart and soul
  • a profound confidence in sharing amazing and creative performances
  • more connection to other dancers who, like you, seek dance as a means to spiritual fulfillment for themselves and for the viewers.
When I’m in Anandha’s teachings, I am existing in a profound, sacred, safe haven that exists outside the boundaries of ordinary time, the patriarchal structure, and social conditioning. She helped me to find my wings as a dancer, and to take flight within my own form. With Anandha, I have experienced an awakening to shamanic movement while learning incredible dance technique. Elizabeth Bast

Author, Yogini and Performance Artist

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Once you are registered we’ll make sure you are part of the Facebook discussion to share rides and hotel rooms!


Aug 14~ Monday
Arrive at your chosen hotel in the early afternoon so you can relax and enjoy the spiritual calm of Mexico. You may want to grocery shop on your way to the hotel as there are not any groceries really close. Otherwise, there are a few great taco stands nearby to enjoy!

The Iseum of Quimera is arriving on Sunday Aug 13 because the Iseum in participating in an intensive training while in Mexico. Feel free to arrive a day early as well if that better suits you to have a relaxed morning before the workshop.

Meet us at CEART Rosarito before 5:15 PM. We will be there all afternoon, and you may come early if you would like. We have little workshop time and latecomers disrupt everyone so please come early.


  • gather at 5:15 PM
  • take INTUITIVE TECHNIQUE from 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM
  • and then DANCE LAB AND REHEARSAL from 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM.
Aug 15 ~ Aug 17 Tuesday - Thursday
and absorb the lessons from the previous day as you gather around the pool, hot tub or make your way to the beach.
Feel free to explore, just be careful of your skin in the sun and watch the time carefully.  It’s important to arrive early.


  • gather at 5:15 PM
  • take INTUITIVE TECHNIQUE from 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM
  • and then DANCE LAB AND REHEARSAL from 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM.




Aug 18 ~ Friday



Join us at the theater at 2:00 PM to prepare for a dress rehearsal at 3:00 PM.
We will plan to run the whole concert in full costume and hair (no make-up).

Please practice what you will wear, including how you will fix your hair.

Then we will break for dinner. I will have dinner brought to the theater to facilitate our timing. If you’d like to join us, please donate a small amount ($10) to cover your portion of the food. If you choose not to join us, please bring your food as there will not be time to go get food.


Aug 19 ~ Saturday
The Quimera Tribe will bid you adios this morning as we will be going into ceremony for the day and thus not available to hang out.

Enjoy all that Mexico has to offer!

Make some Magic!


A week on the beach
Spend a week on the beach listening to the loud roar of the ocean, smelling the salty sea air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, sinking your feet into the velvety sand, and if you choose, swimming out into the glorious waves and tasting the fulfillment of mother-ocean’s beauty.

Train in the beautiful studios and perform at the amazing theater of

CEART Rosarito!!!!!

Relax all day and then Dance from 5:15 PM – 8:00 PM each day!

Each day we will dive into our own private world of sacred dance and ceremony; you will enjoy remarkably satisfying classes that will increase your dance technique and enhance your ability to take risk in movement. These classes are geared toward developing your understanding of how dance communicates to an audience and what keeps their attention. In this time, you’ll work through blocks to your creativity and reprogram unhealthy belief systems that can sabotage your success. It is through these classes that you’ll create amazingly profound, stunning performances!

And then we will dive into rehearsals, becoming the creatrix of your own authentic movement style!

Spend a week in a healing vortex!
Rosarito is a healing vortex that attracts amazing people!



Anandha Ray has spent a lifetime absorbing the mysteries and magic of the world of dance.  As a professional dancer/choreographer and director for over 30 years she has developed a completely unique way to train dancers.  In this training she teaches students how to embody their own authentic voice, how to understand why and how dance communicates and heals, and she will reveal TRIBAL SECRETS: bits of knowledge that will change your dancing right away!


I took my first workshop with Anandha last August, curious about this style of dance. I had never heard of anything like it. I waited until the last minute… wondering if I should. I thought of a ton of excuses…. I almost listened to those voices.

I’m so glad that I ignored the voices and signed up. It has changed my life and how I see the world. Most importantly, this dance form has changed how I view myself.

Shamanic Fusion Dance allows the dancer to express the unwritten, unspoken language of the heart and soul. Dance is a language of symbols, allowing the performer to use dance as a healing modality – healing both the dancer and the viewer.

This dance form goes deep. It’s emotional and raw. It’s powerful.

This is not a form easily explained. It is best experienced.

I remember saying, “Wow! Whatever that was, I want more!”

I invite you to experience the healing power of Shamanic Fusion Dance for yourself.

~ Nikki Rand

This sounds GREAT! Sign me up.


What’s Not Included

• Your Travel expenses. Plan to meet us at CEART Rosarito before 5:00 pm Monday Aug 14.
If you fly into San Diego and rent a car, plan for a morning flight arrival to give yourself time to rent a car and cross the border.  If you rent, rent from Alamo (they let you cross to Mexico).

• If you drive be sure to get Mexican Insurance for your car!
You car, your insurance carrier ($10-25 a day)…   Alamo, Alamo Mexican insurance ($35-40 a day)

• We will not provide meals, accommodations or costumes

What To Bring

Bring with you:


  • Comfortable clothes to dance in everyday (layers in case it is hot or cold)
  • Beach wear (suits and cover ups)
  • A white costume for your performance (any style that you can dance in easily)
    NOTE: metallic jewelry is great as long as you can dance in it!
  • Make-up for performance (eye liner, eye lashes, lip stick and blush are essential in the theater)
  • A journal
  • A water bottle and bring lots of water (don’t drink the tap water

This is the Rev. Priestess Marilu Chan in performance make-up and costume.

White costume: easy to dance in
Metallic jewelry: easy to dance in
Hair back away from the face

Extensive eye makeup and fake lashes to create the clear facial characteristic for the audience

When we perform Shamanic Fusion Dance we draw a Quimera Line. That is the line down the middle of the face.  It represents non-duality (non-judgmental thinking, the equal value of the shadow and light aspects of the world).  You will be invited to join us in wearing the Quimera Line as well.

Getting to the Retreat...


It is up to each of you to make travel arrangements to get to Rosarito directly either driving your car,
or to fly to the San Diego Airport AND RENT A CAR.  It is an easy drive, even from the Bay Area.

Quimera Tribe will be staying at Las Rocas hotel and our classes and performance are at CEART Rosarito

Plan to arrive at CEART Rosarito BEFORE 5:00 PM.  The Tribe will be there rehearsing all afternoon so come early!!!!

Driving to the Retreat...

Driving to Rosarito:

It is easy to drive to Rosarito, just 90 minutes south of the San Diego airport!

Use GPS to get directions to CEART or to your your hotel in Rosarito – it is a straight shot to get there. Of course you may carpool if you’d like. Several will be driving from LA and from the Bay Area. Whatever car you are driving MUST HAVE  Mexican insurance. Contact your insurance provider to find out more information.

COST: The cost is about $10-25 a day for the insurance from your own carrier. Share the cost with those who ride with you!

Plan to meet at CEART before 5:00 PM


Getting home:


Anandha knows how to get a Medical Pass to get through the border more quickly.  It costs $45 and she will need to have the exact names of who is riding in your car and your car license number (no changes or it is invalid). She can get them a couple of days before we leave Rosarito (she has to get them while we are in Mexico). This saves time waiting at the border crossing. Anandha is doing this, so let her know if you are interested in getting one as well.


Fly and rent a car...

If you are going to fly and rent a car:

FLIGHT: Plan to arrive at the San Diego airport in the MORNING HOURS.

• Rent from Alamo (Mexico travel is OK).
• Tell them you need a car that can be driven across the border to Mexico (not all can).
• Plan to pick up your car by noon so you have plenty of time to drive to Mexico by 3:00.


• After you pick up your luggage, go to the rental car shuttle for Alamo.  They will take you to the Alamo car rental.
• When there you have to tell them you are renting to go to Mexico, and pay the $35-40 a DAY Mexico insurance.
• They will give you a map but your phone service GPS should work just fine to get you to Rosarito.
There is one long highway along the coast.
• Drive across the border to Rosarito (about a 90 minute drive from the airport), and then drive through Rosarito about 15 more minutes or so to your hotel. You will be on a toll-road (there is a free road lower on the right side but it is very slow going). The toll-road is a fast freeway with no stops except to pay the fee (~$3 I think).


Plan to depart after in the late afternoon or evening, and leave Mexico in the morning.
You can do as you wish but getting to the border can be tricky (even with GPS). Since the border crossing can take time – making a later flight will keep you from worrying about missing your flight if the border crossing takes hours.


Anandha knows how to get a Medical Pass to get through the border more quickly. It costs $45 and she will need to have the exact names of who is riding in your car and your car license number (no changes or it is invalid). She can get them a couple of days before we leave Rosarito (she has to get them while we are in Mexico).  This saves time waiting at the border crossing. This is what Anandha will do.


  • You will need a current passport –  no visa is needed for travel to Rosarito.
  • Most phone companies have Mexico options now, so your current plan can be used in Mexico for no charge or a low fee. Generally you can call 611 on your phone and inquire about Mexico phone use.  Be sure to check before you go, in case there are restrictions.
  • No one drinks the water in Mexico, but few people do in the US either! Just be sure to use bottled water.
  • If you drive: you must have Mexican insurance. It is illegal not to. Contact your insurance provider for details.
  • Baja, Mexico is largely supported by income from tourists and thus the locals tend to be very friendly.  Nonetheless,
    whenever you travel to a foreign place caution is always the best rule of thumb.
  • When going into public, travel with a group and follow the advice of the group leader.  Do NOT travel alone at any time, especially at night.
  • Many people speak English. It is pretty easy to communicate with most people, but it never hurts to have a translation app on your phone when shopping so that you can ask questions!
  • Tipping is not as common in Mexico as the US, but it is always appreciated.
  • When you shop at a tourist market bartering is expected, they will quote you a price generally 25% to even 50% higher than they will settle for. You can pay full price to be generous and if it seems like a fair price to you. When shopping early in the day they will often give you a special deal if you are their first sale of the day (considered good luck).
  • To be sure, the truth is subject to interpretation when it comes to whether that beautiful bracelet is “real” silver.  Choose intelligently what you believe. But the prices are so inexpensive it is pretty easy to tell when it is costume jewelry.
  • Often at markets the shop owners will offer you a shot of their finest tequila, but be careful about accepting too many offers of this generosity. Of course, it is designed to open your wallet more easily, but the effects are cumulative and it would be best if you keep your faculties about you at all times.

Your Host


Anandha Ray

As a 12 year old, Anandha began seeking the connection to spirit. Her path was varied, from traditional religion to the use of psychedelics to open the pineal gland. At 14 she found Kundalini Yoga and spent two years in complete dedication to the form. At a Summer Solstice, where participants were on a vow of silence for 10 days as they intensively studied yoga in the desert of New Mexico, Anandha observed an amazing style of yoga – done to music. For ten days she observed one woman doing this profound, fluid, beautiful yoga on her daily break. On the 11th day she asked what it was called.

Modern Dance. And thus began a lifetime devotion to dance. A life where creativity, passion and walking a path of integrity and honor were the guiding forces.

AnandhaStJohnBridgeSmFour decades later, much joy and a complete connection to the body as a powerful tool for communicating soul to soul, Anandha is a much awarded dancer/choreographer/artistic director. She has two masters degrees in dance, has taught at a variety of locations from being the chairperson of a university dance program to founding her own dance center/theater. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, receiving standing ovations in seven countries, bringing her own company to provide concerts and workshops to Europe. She has developed unique and exceptional methods for rapidly taking dancers to new levels of performance ability and dance skill. Having trained many professional dancers, in addition to several professional choreographers and directors who now have their own companies, she is excited to have begun a course of teacher training called Tribal Secrets: The Medicine of Movement. She travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, as a featured master teacher, performer and choreographer for universities and festivals where she trains dancers and teaches teachers the exceptional methods of dance and performance training she created.

Her work has been acknowledged in several awards and honors including citations from the US Senate, the California Assembly, induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary KY Colonel. She has been named a visionary to the 21st century, “One of 25 Women Leading the Arts” and won countless awards for her choreography, most recently receiving the highest national award in university dance for the second time (the first being 30 years ago), having her choreography chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, June 2016.

For four decades in dance, Anandha has created a spiritual connection of the soul through movement. Walking this path secretly as a professional choreographer who would be shunned and lose funding if the truth was revealed, she didn’t talk about spirituality, but did the work. On many occasion people have been so touched by viewing one of her dances that they have written to Anandha to tell her how it changed their lives. On five occasions, viewers have written her letters telling her that viewing her dance brought back the connection to the world that kept them from committing suicide.

She feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy tours called “Dance Without Borders”, they illuminated the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

This is what guides her work today as she guides dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance as well as one who walks the planet in ceremony.

Learn More about Quimera Tribe

Quimera Tribe was founded in 2013 as a training and performance group. Ray taught the concepts of Shamanic Fusion Dance and from those who trained with her, she created performances of this unusual work. Having just retired her professional modern dance company that toured extensively both nationally and internationally, Ray was beginning to dive further into the study of ritual and ceremony in dance. To this goal she was invited to the Grandmother’s Moon Dance ceremony – a ceremony lasting 4 days and nights, dancing all night in  an amazing ceremonial dance at the Teotihuacan pyramids. It was there that she dived in to experience shamanic ceremonies, medicine ceremonies, sweat lodges, all night teepee ceremonies, and she has even walked on fire to more to fully understand the depths of ceremony and ritual.

During this time she kept creating dances that dove further and further into the presentation of ritual and ceremony on the stage – not as performance, but as actual ritual and ceremony. For 30 years she created dances that were healing to viewers, although she couldn’t talk about it because of her role in the professional world of dance. In 2013 she began to openly talk about this process -dance as the Medicine of Movement.

Soon others were called to dance with her and she began a more serious training and performance group that met with her 10 hours a week and created some ground breaking dances. During this time she dove deeper into understanding the connection of the Goddess Isis (a Goddess of dance), and undertook a year of study to become ordained as a Priestess of Isis. At her ordination she presented her dancers in a performance called “Prayer”.  After the performance, Anandha’s mentor suggested she ordain those who were performing in the ceremony. Anandha offered made the offer to her dancers, expecting them to say no.  They surprised her when each one said, “Yes!”. They began a year-long course of study with Anandha and thus the Iseum of Quimera was founded.

The Iseum of Quimera is a tribe of all those who are initiated or ordained in the Shamanic Fusion Dance form as a Reverend Priests and Priestesses of the Goddess Isis. We focus on the Medicine of Movement as a healer of souls, and pathway to understand one’s authentic self and to express that through dance, a means of serving the world through dance. It is a school where we all teach each other… where we wield our own gifts and talents as well as each of us leading ceremonies, performances, classes and rituals through Shamanic Fusion Dance.  It is a TRIBE, based on theories of non-duality… holding the shadow as equal to the light… learning to be honest and true to our inner calling while living fully integrated lives with the highest integrity. Creating a Tribe where we do not have to be perfect… where we are all in process and are valued for our authentic self.

Through this amazing connection in Tribe, we learn to channel performances that are authentic, creative, and fearless.  We participate in ceremonies that reveal the blocks to our creativity and that sabotage our success. We cut through the blocks to embrace the skill, dedication, courage and abilities to become a Shamanic Fusion Dancer and teacher.

We are Priests and Priestesses in the Medicine of Movement.

Assuming you might want to stay to the same hotel as us,
and arrive there before going to CEART… here is a map!

And here is the phone number (as dialed from a US cell phone):

+52 (661) 614-9850

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