Fusing truly sacred dance with performance art, Shamanic Fusion Dance is a hybrid of dance in which each performer finds their own unique expressions through dance while embodying the deepest aspects of dance: it’s ability to heal. Dance, when understood at these deepest levels, can heal both the dancer and the viewer. Presented as a ritual performance, it is activated at the level of ceremony.

It is more than just the act of physically dancing, it is the act of BECOMING dance… of learning to channel the most pure essence of our humanity through dances that touch the heart and soul of the viewer. Through Shamanic Fusion Dance you purify and tone not just your body, but also your mind and spirit to walk the path of the highest tenets of dance.

We call this the Medicine of Movement and it is a healing path for the dancer as well as the viewer.

After a 3-decade, award winning career in modern dance, Anandha become interested in exploring other forms of movement art. As she began researching and experiencing various types of dance, she found herself drawn to forms of dance that engaged ceremony and ritual. There were many that appeared to involve ceremony and ritual but were actually just artistic manifestations of the concepts, look and feel of the sacred elements. What interested Anandha was actual ceremony, actual ritual. These were not things she could readily find being performed for the public.  

Thus, she began studying various forms of ritual and ceremony, from dance embodied from her background as a Cherokee Indian, to attending the 4-day Grandmother’s Moon Dance Ceremony at the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, to becoming ordained as a Priestess of Isis, she searched and learned and developed a clear understanding of what constitutes actual ritual and ceremony, as opposed to dances that emulate the exotic aesthetics without actually accomplishing the work of ritual and ceremony.

And Shamanic Fusion Dance was born. As dancers train in SFD, they dive into a deep understanding of their own body and mind through techniques that Anandha developed, they learn to move freely, unabashed, with totality, fullness and joy. Dancers are released from all preconceived notions of dance and find themselves dancing with more perfect technique, more risk, more athletic ability and they become more fully expressive with an understanding of how and why dance is articulate of our human emotions. From professional dancers to beginning dancers, this form of training moves you beyond the limitations you might not have even realized you were holding on to and releases you to dance in ways you didn’t know you already can.

To become the most pure channel as a Shamanic Fusion Dancer, we dedicate ourselves not just to the physical training but to the discipline, and to the purification of the body and mind.  We utilize many techniques to accomplish this and in week-long seclusion retreats we will often employ sacred medicine and shamanic ceremonies to journey beyond the limitations that our minds otherwise perceive.  These ceremonies are phenomenal in opening your mind to new perceptions, unblocking limiting beliefs and transforming misconceptions and unhealthy beliefs into wisdom and grace as a person, as well as deeply profound performance ability.

But Shamanic Fusion Dance is not just a healing form of dance. It embodies a means of training dancers to achieve professional levels of technique and performance ability! There are two main components of the dance and performance training in Shamanic Fusion Dance, Intuitive technique and Waking Dreams. Through these forms, Tribal Secrets are revealed. Through the understanding of these secrets, dancers can immediately embody concepts that change their dancing on the spot. Some of the secrets reveal concepts that unlock the body’s pure technique in dance, some of them reveal techniques for performances that are profound and touch the viewer’s soul.