Transformation awaits...

Calling our LA Tribe…

It’s time to gather for a

Full Moon Serpent Ceremony!



We are calling the Tribe…


We will meet in ceremony.


The purification of these ceremonies
affects your life in profound ways,
and thus affects those around you
in your greater community.
The healing effects are thus radiated into the world!

Are you ready to re-awaken your spiritual connection to performance?
For a profound embodiment of inner peace
through the mediums of
Dance and Ceremony?

For yourself, for your children, and
for our communities, we heal through the Medicine of Movement.


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and join the Tribe…

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February 4th

9:45 AM – 3:00 PM

In Serpent Ceremonies we weave Shamanic Fusion Dance with the medicine of the Serpents.

In this co-collaboration between dancer and snake we train to do the work of healing ourselves and our community. We begin working in mind, spirit and soul through performances of dance. Through Ceremony and Ritual in Dance, we invoke the subconscious of the dancer and viewer, and we utilize mirror-neurons and survival instincts to catapult the connection between audience and performer.

We create actual transformational ceremonies in dance performance!


This is a call for those dancers who have a strong desire to change the world through the spiritual power of dance,
and who are willing to do the intense personal purification and work to make it happen.
We will travel through the depths of our humanness
to become carriers of
Shamanic Fusion Dance: Ritual Performances.
These are performances that are completely REAL rituals.
It is both a challenge and a great joy
to perform from this place of being a pure channel,
releasing the ego and ego driven goals.
If you are willing to do the work,
I will lead you on this journey!

-Anandha Ray

No Experience is Necessary.
The ONLY *Requirement* is an Unbending Intention.

Dancers come to the ceremonies with a wide variety of backgrounds in dance; from professionally trained dancers all the way to those that have the heart and spirit of a dancer, but no dance experience yet. Wherever you start, from beginning dance to professional, your technique in dance will be enhanced and you will find yourself able to take more advanced levels of creative and athletic risk. For us it is the spiritual connection that creates the most profound performances! So we ask those who join us to bring with them an UNBENDING INTENTION; a commitment to attend and arrive early with a ready heart.

Our collective level of commitment raises the artistic and spiritual bar dramatically. We want to achieve the highest levels of excellence, both spiritually and artistically. Our goal is to support healing through dance.

What type of dance is this?

The form of dance we do is called Shamanic Fusion Dance.

It is a series of innovative methodologies to teach dance technique and performance skill.  Developed by Anandha Ray throughout a professional career in dance that spanned more than 30 years, Shamanic Fusion Dance combines the specialties of her two masters degrees (Choreography with a second emphasis in Kinesiology and second master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy), with years of experience creating transformative dances and attending a variety of dance rituals and ceremony.

The intersection of these forms and experiences has spurred a radical departure from traditional training.  These new methodologies were originally developed to bring professional ballet dancers quickly into a more refined skill in athletic risk, full bodied movement and enhance emotional performance skill required for the work of Anandha’s company Moving Arts Dance.  Subsequently these techniques have been used to train every level of dancer from young children to highest caliber professionals, in extensive performance training programs, at universities and in a wide variety of settings.  One thing has been radically consistent: dancers improve unbelievably fast, and their connection to dance deepens to profound spiritual levels!

The training has three forms that we utilize in our ceremonies:
Intuitive Technique, Waking Dreams and performance structures called Movement Landscapes

Intuitive Technique (unlocking fully bodied creative movement and confidence in athletic risk through dance)

A kick ass athletic improvisation class that develops neurological connections to pure technique in motion, unblocks fears that sabotage one’s ability to go full out in athletic risk, and demystifies the manner in which dance performances communicate to audiences. I call it Intuitive Technique and there’s nothing else like it. It changes people’s ability to take risk in motion in one class, can take a beginner to an understanding of intermediate level movement in one class, and helps advanced dancers understand the path to professional while professionals deepen their mastery of athletic and emotional nuance.

Waking Dreams (unlocking emotionally expressive performance ability)

In order to become an extraordinary performer one must be able to reach deeply into one’s inner emotional world and channel whatever character the choreographer requests.  Demystifying the manner in which movement communicates and then diving deeply into and mastering ones expressive abilities is a phenomenal asset as a dancer. This form facilitates that goal.  Dancers are guided on a movement journey that can channel other characters, other lives and develop a familiarity with the deepest recesses of our own performance abilities.

Movement Landscapes (structured performances)

These are structures that facilitate deeply human performances. Movement Landscapes can be recorded tracks that can be danced as performance training or as performances, or they can be skeletal structures for improvisational performances.  These performances and performance training can be facilitated in ceremony as well as in formal concert performances that are deeply moving.  In our monthly Serpent Ceremonies we create Movement Landscapes as a ceremonial performance rite, whereas in public performances we create Movement Landscapes that result in more formalized dances for the stage.

What exactly is a Serpent Ceremony?

A serpent ceremony is the gathering of spiritually minded dancers who want to deepen their abilities to both perform and to channel authentic Ritual and Ceremonial Experiences in performance.

In the tradition of the Dakini Rose Temple directed by Monique Trinity Rose, we hold monthly ceremonial gathering in the Bay Area.

Additionally, Anandha occasionally offers Serpent Ceremonial Immersions in locations, such as this one, where she can drive with the serpents.

Each time we meet, we set a new intention as part of our individual growth. In ceremonies, supportive group energies and the transformative power of the serpent energy are abundant toward the success of our goals.


Serpent Ceremonies include:

     • Setting our intentions
     • Ritual dancing
     • Intuitive Technique
     • Waking Dreams
     • Movement Landscapes
     • Serpent dancing
     • Serpent handling and general serpent care instruction
     • Understanding the serpent as dance partner and healing ally
How much is it? What is the registration process?

The LA serpent ceremony is $75 and is held seasonally, close to the full moon.

After you submit your intention form, you will be directed to make your payment for the ceremony through the website. Once you make this payment, your spot will be reserved.

How should I dress? What should I bring?
    1. Bring an open heart and hold a “good attitude” toward all that arises.  With us, you will practice conscious awareness of your own experience, including thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and anything else that may arise in the course of the ceremony. This is truly a nonjudgmental environment.
    2. Plan to arrive early so that if traffic, or anything else gets in the way, you still arrive on time.  Suggestion: plan to arrive at 9:30, then if you are late you will still arrive before 9:45.
    3. Bring Water and BRING LUNCH (we “break bread” together during a 30 minute break, and there is no time to go get food).  We will provide the opportunity to order lunch before the ceremony begins, if this meets your needs better.  There is a small fee for delivery.
    4. SERPENTS Bring your serpent if you have one, or borrow one of ours if you are not yet a serpent keeper.
      If your serpent is in shed or just ate, please do not bring it.
    5. ATTIRE:
      Dress in WHITE!
      We dress in a manner that is a bit more formal than taking a regular dance class.
      Our time together is akin to a dance-church,
      so we dress ourselves in all white as if it were an informal performance.


We gather the collective energies for transformation.
Diving deeply into the container of the Tribe,
this is community based on theories of non-duality.
We step outside of the realm of judgement
and we provide the support to love what is present,
and to move into transformation of those things that are limiting us.

Serpents provide us with a profound opportunity
to learn what it means to be present, fully alive and connected.
We embrace transformational energies present both from the serpents,
from the new moon, and from the support of the community…
and we have witnessed miracles occur
in the lives of Tribe members.

This is amazing work”     

-Anandha Ray


Do you feel the call to dance as an offering of your spirit?

It is through working within the supported environment of the Tribe, through dance and the serpent energy of transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.


Are the snakes TAME?

Yes.  Though you can never really “tame” a snake (they don’t “train” like dogs or cats), we handle them often and it is normal in their life so they are not nervous. In fact, they enjoy being held and even though they love their cages, they often would prefer to be held more when it is time to put them back.  Many of the snakes in the circle are “service snakes” that are used to introduce people to snakes for the first time.

But could they BITE?


It is important to understand that any pet with a mouth may bite you. But that is very rare… much more rare than cat or dog bites. Snakes mostly bite people by accident when they are being fed.  It hurts less than a scratch from a rose thorn. Their teeth are smaller than acupuncture needles.  But it is scary because they move so swiftly when they bite.  So we are very careful when feeding them, and they NEVER get fed at a ceremony.


Do I have to dance with a snake?


You are welcome to participate and not hold a snake.  Some people have come with such initial fear that once we bring out the snakes, they stay near the door.  The first half of the ceremony we dance without serpents.

Do I have to bring my own snake?
No. Several members of the group own more than one serpent. There are always plenty.


*Fill out an INTENTION FORM to register

• The location will be announced when you submit your form (Chatsworth, CA)

• Plan to arrive BEFORE 9:45 (plan to be there at 9:30)

• Bring your lunch or plan to order lunch delivered (so we can eat in ritual together)

• Wear white ceremonial clothes you can dance in

• Bring your snake if you have one

• Bring an open mind and heart


• Disengage from the rest of the world for our ceremonial gathering:
Turn off your cell phone for the duration of the gathering (even during breaks)

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