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 as we gather to create a Shamanic Fusion Dance community

Upcoming immersion…
Nov 5-6, 2016!
We will explore Shamanic Fusion Dance,
We will transcend into the serpents den and experience the transformative energies of the serpents,
We will explore what it means to be a Priest/ess and if you are ready you can make a commitment as an Initiate on the one year path of training to become one!


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.32.50 AMIt is time for a change in the way that we perform

Dance has a higher purpose than entertainment.

Dance can change the world, it can heal the performer and it can heal the witness.  But it takes a lot of personal work to bring yourself to a place where you can be a clear channel in this regard.  And there is no end to what we can accomplish if we are willing to do the work.

Nov 5-6, 2016:
The Twisted Gypsy studio in the beautiful mountains of Chatsworth, CA hosts the magical Shamanic Fusion Dance: Serpent Ceremonies of Anandha Ray



Serpent Ceremonies members smallerSHAMANIC FUSION DANCE is a form of performing that opens the door to healing for all those involved (performers and witnesses).  It is based in ritual and ceremony through the language of movement, accessing the subconscious of the mover to speak with the subconscious of the viewer.

Through Shamanic Fusion Dance that we do in the Serpent Ceremonies we are training to do the work of healing ourselves and our community, working in mind, spirit and soul through performances of dance.  Through Ceremony and Ritual in Dance, we invoke the subconscious of the dancer and viewer, and we utilize mirror-neurons and survival instincts to catapult the connection between audience and performer.  We create actual transformational ceremonies in dance performance!

What Will We Do in this Immersion?

Shamanic Fusion Dance

Are you ready to re-awaken your spiritual connection to performance while embracing your dance skills tremendously?

Shamanic Fusion Dance is a form of performing that opens the door to healing for all those involved (performers and witnesses). It is based in ritual and ceremony through the language of movement, accessing the subconscious of the mover to speak with the subconscious of the viewer.

In this form you will discover your own authentic voice and expression in movement while simultaneously unlocking incredibly potent, full-bodied, athletic dancing.

Shamanic Fusion Dance is all about TRIBE: “It is through working within the supported environment of the Tribe, through dance and the serpent energy of transformation, that we have seen amazing growth and change… not just in our ability to dance and perform, but in blossoming as the graceful, balanced person that is our potential.” -Anandha Ray

Serpent Ceremonies

In Serpent Ceremonies we apply what we learn in Shamanic Fusion Dance and weave it with the medicine of the Serpents.

In this co-collaboration between dancer and snake we train to do the work of healing ourselves and our community. We begin working in mind, spirit and soul through performances of dance. Through Ceremony and Ritual in Dance, we invoke the subconscious of the dancer and viewer, and we utilize mirror-neurons and survival instincts to catapult the connection between audience and performer. We create actual transformational ceremonies in dance performance!

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Where is Twisted Gypsy?


The beautiful community and studio for Twisted Gypsy is located in the beautiful city of Chatsworth, California

About Twisted Gypsy

Saturday, Nov 5
9:45am – 2:00pm

We will call in the power of serpent transformation through movement inquiries that enhance your performance ability!

Developed by Anandha Ray M.A., M.A., DTR,  through the vision of the Dakini Rose Gardens, New Moon Serpent Ceremonies bring our Tribe together through the language of dance to dive into a spiritual form of training our body and mind to be balanced and at peace.

The result of continued participation in these ceremonies is that your mind becomes clear and confident, subconscious issues heal and thus release their limitations on your thinking, and you develop the ability to be a pure channel for performances, as well as for interactions in relationships as a parent, teacher, spouse, friend, lecturer, mentor and all human interactions in this realm.

We become better Sacred Dance performers…
but more importantly…

are the results we see in our lives as we continue this practice.

Saturday, Nov 5th evening Hafla!!!!

Join us and perform in the SATURDAY EVENING HAFLA!
In the Serpent Ceremony you will learn a piece that can be performed in the Hafla!
A Hafla is an informal performance party… no pressure… a very supportive environment!

You can dance in the group piece, bring a solo, and/or improvise a piece on the spot!

Bring WHITE performance clothes for the group piece.

Live music and performances!
Party with us!!!

And spend the night in the gypsy tent if you’d like!


Sunday, Nov 6
9:45am – 3:00pm


Continuing the path of Serpent Energetic Healing through Dance we will dive more deeply into transformational dance ceremonies.  While the first day is quite athletic, the second day dives more into the esoteric aspects of performance and healing through dance.  In this second day we experience the group support of dance as ceremony and ritual as we dive into understanding how dance heals and why.



  • Cost:
    $150 for the TWO DAY journey, Nov 5-6

Space is limited!
We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal
(Please note there is a fee of $4.50 for using a credit card or PayPal)
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  • Accommodations
    Hotels in the Chatsworth area

Staybridge Suites

Note: Sometimes there are dancers willing to host out-of-town dancers in their home.
Let us know if you want to inquire.

Space is limited… register early.

Contact for more information!

What’s Included?

  • A beautiful community of dancers delighting in the physical and spiritual embodiment of dance at the highest tenets of the art form
  • An understanding of when, why and how dance communicates to audiences, and what makes it most effective
  • Access to Tribal Secrets: the culled insights from Anandha Ray’s 30 years of professional experience in the dance world

What’s Not Included

  • Food:
    You will be able to order a delicious healthy lunch, that will be delivered at our noon meal break.
  • Water:
    Bring your water bottle!

What To Bring

  • Comfortable clothes to dance in
  • A journal
  • A water bottle
  • WHITE Performance clothes for the Hafla!!!!

The Colonel, Reverend Anandha Ray, MA, MA, DTR?


Anandha Ray

As a 12 year old, Anandha began seeking the connection to spirit. Her path was varied, from traditional religion to the use of psychedelics to open the pineal gland. At 14 she found Kundalini Yoga and spent two years in complete dedication to the form. At a Summer Solstice, where participants were on a vow of silence for 10 days as they intensively studied yoga in the desert of New Mexico, Anandha observed an amazing style of yoga – done to music. For ten days she observed one woman doing this profound, fluid, beautiful yoga on her daily break. On the 11th day she asked what it was called.

Modern Dance. And thus began a lifetime devotion to dance. A life where creativity, passion and walking a path of integrity and honor were the guiding forces.

AnandhaStJohnBridgeSmFour decades later, much joy and a complete connection to the body as a powerful tool for communicating soul to soul, Anandha is a much awarded dancer/choreographer/artistic director. She has two masters degrees in dance, has taught at a variety of locations from being the chairperson of a university dance program to founding her own dance center/theater. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, receiving standing ovations in seven countries, bringing her own company to provide concerts and workshops to Europe.

She has developed unique and exceptional methods for rapidly taking dancers to new levels of performance ability and dance skill. Having trained many professional dancers, in addition to several professional choreographers and directors who now have their own companies, she is excited to have begun a course of teacher training called Tribal Secrets: The Medicine of Movement. She travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, as a featured master teacher, performer and choreographer for universities and festivals where she trains dancers and teaches teachers the exceptional methods of dance and performance training she created.

Learn more about Anandha

Her work has been acknowledged in several awards and honors including citations from the US Senate, the California Assembly, induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary KY Colonel. She has been named a visionary to the 21st century, “One of 25 Women Leading the Arts” and won countless awards for her choreography, most recently receiving the highest national award in university dance for the second time (the first being 30 years ago), having her choreography chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, June 2016.

For four decades in dance, Anandha has created a spiritual connection of the soul through movement. Walking this path secretly as a professional choreographer who would be shunned and lose funding if the truth was revealed, she didn’t talk about spirituality, but just did the work. On many occasions people have been so touched by viewing one of her dances that they have written to Anandha to tell her how it changed their lives. On five occasions, viewers have written her letters telling her that viewing her dance brought back the connection to the world that kept them from committing suicide.

She feels that dance has the power to change the world by providing insight into the soul of humanity, allowing people to feel seen and understood. This is what made her work so successful when her company was performing on the US Embassy tours called “Dance Without Borders”, they illuminated the soul of humanity, the authentic parts of our humanness that we all share no matter where we are from.

This is what guides her work today as she guides dancers to understand the spiritual connection to dance from a viewpoint informed by a lifetime of professional dance as well as one who walks the planet in ceremony.


For her contributions in dance Anandha Ray has received multiple awards including:

  • Induction into the Women’s Hall of Fame
  • Induction as an honorary Kentucky Colonel,
  • Commendation from the US Senate,
  • Commendation from the CA Assembly,
  • Named as one of 25 Women Leading the Arts and as a Visionary for the 21st Century,
  • Received the Las Vegas “Daffy Award” for her lifetime service in dance (Dance as an Art Form -2009),
  • Received the Cingular Award for Community Service (2006)
    and has received numerous grants and awards.

She has received national choreography awards including:

  • West Wave Choreographers Commission (SF 2015)
  • Several National and International Festivals
  • Dance Magazine Choreographer’s Award and Scholarship
  • sjCHOREOfest (CA 2007, 2011),
  • The American College Dance Festivals (OR 1986, WA 1988, NM 1990),
  • The prestigious National College Dance Festival honorary selection for performance at the Kennedy Center (Wash DC 1986, 2016)
  • Choreography award from the American Dance Festival at Duke University (NC 1986)
  • Award for achievement in Dance, American Dance Festival at Duke University (NC 1988),
  • Honorary selection for performance in the one and only Martha Graham Company Festival (AZ 1982)


Professional Bio Summary:

She has produced over 300 dance concerts, in 10 countries, often receiving standing ovations.

Her work has been presented commissioned/performed by professional companies, universities and colleges.

  • Over 30 yrs of experience directing a professional touring dance company
  • Undergraduate degree in Dance Education
  • Two MA degrees in dance:
    Choreography and Kinesiology as well as Dance Movement Therapy
  • Cultural Ambassador for the US Embassy on international tours called “Dance without Borders”
  • Having toured 10 countries, received standing ovations in 8 countries, many of them sold-out shows
  • Founded innovative training forms in dance:  SHAMANIC FUSION DANCE which includes:
    the athletic form of Intuitive Technique and the more esoteric form of Waking Dreams
  • Built and ran a dance studio/theater 8 years
  • Directed a community dance program 7 yrs
  • University Assistant Professor, Director of University Dance Program 2 yrs
  • Director of a college dance program for 7 yrs
  • Guest Faculty/Lecturer several universities/colleges
  • She is featured in an upcoming book  “Dancing Past 50”


Anandha Ray is a member of the third generation of Modern Dancers

Ray has trained with masters in the dance world in intensive studies across the country, including the prestigious teachers at the American Dance Festival, Bill Evans Dance Company, Tandy Beal And Company, The Martha Graham studio and several NY, LA and SF based teachers and choreographers.

She started her career with intensive studies from the second generation of modern dancers.

  • Margaret Gisolo
    who was trained by Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Jose Limon and Doris Humphrey
  • several Graham company members while Martha Graham was still living
  • Cliff Keuter
    from the original company of Paul Taylor
  • Daniel Nagrin
    who studied with Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Anna Sokolow, Hanya Holm, and his first wife, Helen Tamiris
  • Alwin Nikolais
    who studied with Hanya Holm, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman and Louis Horst
  • Risa Steinberg
    who danced with Jose Limon for 11 years
  • Dr. Emma Lou Thomas
    who was trained by Mary Wigman
  • Allegra Fuller Snyder
    daughter of Buckminster Fuller, celebrated dance ethnologist

Additionally Ray danced with:

  • Tandy Beal and Claudia Melrose, both members of Alwin Nikolais company.
  •  Kelly Roth, who was a member of Murray Louis’ company

and performed:

  •       3 of Doris Humphrey’s dances
  •       2 dances by Jose Limon set by Risa Steinberg
  •       2 dances by Cliff Keuter
  •       and performed on a tour by Laura Dean

as well as myriads of wonderful choreographers including:

  • Beth Lessard,
  • Ann Ludwig,
  • Claudia Melrose,
  • Joanna Mendle-Shaw,
  • Clarence Teeters,
  • Michael Lowe,
  • Viktor Kabaniaev
  • Rhonda Martin
  • Clare Whistler and Duncan McFarland
    as well as many others


“What a rich & deepening process it has been; soul journeying, spirit soaring, earth bound, opportunity for embodied creativity & expression!!! Being a part of the Quimera tribe and being trained as a Priestess of Isis has brought me into Myself & out into World with the support of Anandha Ray & tribe.”

Ciel (Juniper Starr) Lorenzen

2016 Initiate into the Priestess of Isis Ordination, Sacred Dancer

“Immersion with Anandha was one of the most life changing experiences I have yet to undergo- a remembering and a rite of passage. With Anandha Ray’s mastery and inspiring wisdom, and the support of the sisterhood and our willingness to shed the layers, we created a vortex of healing and transformation. The weekend created a ripple effect through out my life to reclaim my power and shed the old once and for all, and for that I am eternally grateful! This is just the beginning..”‬ Anya Lei Nirvana

Transformational Coach, Tarot Alchemystic, Claircognizant, Ritual Dancer

‪”Anandha Ray‪’s depth of experience as a Dancer, Teacher, Healer, Channel, Priestess and Guide wove together an amazingly created journey for us to seamlessly dive into uncharted, subconscious territory and feel fully held in Grace and Strength so that we may be able to navigate through our own shadows and lights.

This immersion was a huge confirmation that I’m walking the right path in the right way, and that I am supported in transforming my reality by embodying my prayers/fears/intentions in dance with my sisters- recognizing each vibration for what they truly teach while shamanically walking the bridge between light and shadow as a Tribe.  In this immersion we danced through our Duality! ‬”

Jessica Forrest

ASL Interpreter, Dancer/Performance Artist

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