I have known Anandha Ray for over three decades. As a student, she stood out to me because of her dedication and passion. I have witnessed her flourish in a career in dance, and have also worked with her in several capacities, including choreographer for and guest performer with her company. Most recently I adjudicated a work she set on a college dance ensemble, that was then selected for for performance at the National American College Dance Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Anandha stands out for me as an accomplished teacher and as a choreographer willing to take artistic risks.

I recommend her wholeheartedly because she has the professional experience and vision to succeed in a variety of circumstances and because I know that she will invest fully and generously in any project she undertakes.

William (Bill) Evans

Artistic and Executive Director, Bill Evans Summer Institutes of Dance; Artistic and Executive Director, Bill Evans Dance Company; Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico; Visiting Professor Emeritus, The College at Brockport, State University of New York

I’ve worked closely with Anandha since 2014, training and performing. Before finding her as a teacher, I had become drawn to the desire to create dance and performance as a healing art. Through her guidance I now have the pleasure of being someone who offers this service to the world.

Through working with her I have become a better dancer, gained confidence to follow my dreams and fulfill my life purposes, and healed my own psyche and soul. Anandha is a modern medicine woman and dance is her magic.


Eden Rumelt

Massage Therapist, Dancer, Priestess, Author

My first class with Anandha changed the way I understood dance, connection with my body, and presence in the world. 

Through the techniques she has developed and artful instruction, my body began to understand how to move more gracefully, how to dance the fullness of my essence, and how movement communicates the depths of my soul. I began to move in a way that even felt daring, including risks I didn’t know were possible for me!

Because of my studies with Anandha, I now embrace performing and dance as part of who I am. I even move throughout the world more confident, more me, and even more aware of the power that I hold through my presence. On a dance floor I now have this inner performer that loves to come out, entertaining others and myself in a way I didn’t exude prior to working with Anandha. 

The techniques she has developed will propel you forward in ways that you can’t imagine!

Chelsea Richardson

Life Coach, Divine Tantra Facilitator

After taking a Master Class with Anandha at the American College Dance Association Conference, Carlos approached Anandha and said that he had never been able to dance like that before…

“I have seen powerful performances but I had never felt I was able to manage or use that kind of power when dancing myself. I feel like I usually lose balance, get stuck, bump into something or someone, and what is worst, I lose my breathe. Until taking Anandha’s class! Her class was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had!  It was something that raised my spirit, mind and body to a point where I know anything can be possible. I noticed changes not only in my dancing, but in my life!  I have tasted my energy connecting to the power flowing in the universe.  Finally.  It is quite powerful!”

Carlos Alonso

Dancer, Dance Major at Scottsdale Community College

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