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It is indeed my pleasure to be of service to those in need.  Here are a few resources that I hope you will find useful.  My goal is to spread the healing modalities of dance throughout the world, to all those who are ready to be MOVED into health!

If you enjoy this work, please share it.

If you have the means, you can also help support this work. We would love to give away everything we do for free, but the fact is everything we do costs us money to produce. This website, making recordings, keeping serpents, paying for services…are all expenses we need to cover.  We need to keep the energy flowing in the creation of this Tribe. Please help support this Tribe with your donation when you download the recordings we have created for your use. Enjoy the recording in your own ceremonies and classes and know that you have helped support the ongoing work that we bring to the world.

If you are able to donate larger amounts to this work and would like a tax deduction, please contact us for information.

Special Gifts

Grief Rituals

Are you grieving? Need help surviving grief?
Are you ready to move it into healing?

This grief ritual page includes several means of healing grief. Instructions on creating a grief altar are also provided, as is a healing recording and a video fo a dance that will help to move grief energies to healing.


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Get your FREE gift!

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