Serpent Ceremony Intention

As an ordained Priest or Priestess through the Iseum of Quimera you are part of our family. We want to support your gifts and help you develop your calling.

Please fill out the below form to join us in ceremony. Once you have submitted your form, you will be redirected to the page where you are invited to make your payment for the ceremonies you will be able to attend.

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Would you like to offer service at the ceremony? We LOVE to have the Ordained be available as greeters.*

What have you noticed has changed since you have completed your training and been ordained? How does it continue to evolve? *

As you have now worked with serpents fairly extensively, you are aware that they are not domesticated animals. As always we pledge to keep our awareness on our safety as well as care for the serpent. Additionally we pledge to hold harmless any and all others in all gatherings and all situations with or without serpents. Please state your agreement with these pledges.*

For this session, which dates will you be able to attend? Please list them.*

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