Iseum of Quimera: Priest & Priestess Training Interest Form

We are a committed Tribe. While this is not a church, it is a sacred community and we are calling in those who are of like mind and spirit to join us in the nurturing, supportive and non-judgmental community.

We are tied together through the modality of dance as a means of spiritual expression, and we work together to become the best dancers and the best people that we can. If you are called to join us, please tell us in detail about yourself.  

We will email you with more information about the upcoming priest and priestess training as soon the details are available. Please be sure to add to your email contacts so you don’t miss our emails.

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This is not a church, but it IS spiritual. Are you called to dance as a means of your spiritual connection? Please explain. *

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Why do you want to travel this pathway toward Priest/esshood through the Iseum of Quimera? Please explain. *

Over the course of the next year, your life will transform in amazing ways. What is your intention as a Priest/ess of Isis? Set a clear intention and you can manifest it! Please Explain. *

This is NOT therapy at all, but it has great therapeutic value. Have you done the internal work to know that you are ready to dive into intensive spiritual work? Please explain. *

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