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Classes Summary

Shamanic Fusion Dance is the name of a form of dance that embraces ritual and ceremony in performance.  In Shamanic Fusion Dance the goal is to explore the healing aspects of dance, for the mover and the audience.  And in Shamanic Fusion Dance, accomplishing the highest tenets of dance technique and skill is paramount.  Anandha has created forms of teaching dance that open the dancer’s understanding and ability to accomplish these goals.

Tribal Secrets are revelations that completely change a dancer’s technical and performance ability immediately.  They are information that is culled into a simple to understand and easy to apply bit of knowledge that changes the dancer’s ability right away.  For example, the use of the weight of the head makes floor work remarkably easy, and the Tribal Secret regarding this explains just how to accomplish easy, graceful floor work RIGHT AWAY!

Tribal Secrets are taught through a form of teaching that Anandha created to teach ballet dancers how to embrace full-bodied movement with athletic power and unabashed passion. That technique is in a technique called Intuitive TechniqueIntuitive Technique has been described as a kick-ass, athletic improvisation class that will unlock the body’s expressive potential while enabling the dancer to take risks and move with full passion and joy. Any level of dancer will increase their mastery and understanding of dance and performance.

Another form that educates a dancer to perform Shamanic Fusion Dance is Waking Dreams. Waking Dreams open a channel to your own subconscious, allowing you to access and unlock subconscious blocks that are hindering your performance and your life. This form has been referred to as a guided movement meditation. It was created to unlock the ability of Anandha’s professional dancers to perform with authentic emotional expression. Her company became well known for their ability to transport audiences through a connection with their heart and soul. Referred to as “emotional intelligence”, this form develops the ability to release the ego, and release the nerves of performance, and manifest powerful performances of our authentic human connection.

Anandha CREATED the forms of teaching dance listed above, and she teaches many other classes as well.  With Masters Degrees in Choreography and Kinesiology, as well as a master’s degree in Dance Therapy, she offers a wide variety of classes including:

Choreography and the Art of Risk: developing a tool chest for becoming the creatrix of your OWN unique style of movement wile understanding the elements and forms of professional choreography.

The Magic of Flexibility: A class that teaches neuro-techniques that enhance flexibility remarkably.  Through Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Reciprocal Innervations Ray illuminates techniques that really do seem like magic… as they generally increase the participants flexibility by 30% on the spot.

Improvisation for Perfecting Unison Movement: A method of teaching dancers to use their peripheral eyesight to perfect unison movement whether choreographed or improvised!

When and Where are classes offered?

Anandha is a master teacher, and classes are scheduled in workshops and retreats.  She no longer teaches ongoing classes.  But, if you are interested in taking these class offerings, CONTACT Anandha and we’ll put you on our mailing list!

Anandha has been teaching teachers to offer these classes as well… and you will be kept abreast of all upcoming class offerings!



These techniques are incorporated in:

Master Classes

Anandha will teach a single, introductory class in Intuitive Technique or Waking Dreams, and she will work with you to create exactly the class you need whether it’s choreography, performance, or ritual and ceremony through dance.

Intensive Training
Periodically Anandha will offer a 6 to 10 week course of weekly dance that is open to the public

Dance Residencies
Anandha regularly travels to universities and dance festivals where she offers combinations of classes, choreographing on your students or company, and producing performances.

Select topics for intensive deepening into a specific are of dance, usually involving 2 or more days of study for several hours.

Travel and live with Anandha and the dancers for 3-day to weeklong retreats. These regularly take place in Northern California, Southern California and Mexico.

The teaching of Anandha, as well as performances by Quimera Tribe (including performance rituals and snake dances), are often featured at festivals nationally and internationally.  At times Quimera holds booths at festival and even brings the exotic medicine of handling serpents to the public.

Priestess Training
Once a year initiates can join the Iseum of Quimera to train as a legally recognized Priestess of Isis through the lens of dance as a healing art.  This is a one year, intensive training under Anandha, through the Fellowship of Isis.

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