Choreographer’s Showcase – Spector Dance

Monterey, CA

July 29 & 30, 2017

We are please to announce that we will perform Covenant in Monterey at Spector Dance!

This work, Covenant, illuminates shadow aspects that reside in the deep recesses of our consciousness… and the subconscious contracts (or addictions) that we have with them.

This piece was created using the form called Shamanic Fusion Dance. The goal of this form expands the art of performance into the region of healing art. The dancers train in ceremony and ritual to channel the healing aspects of the art of dance. Then we create dances that makes visible those things that words cannot fully express.

Deeply moving, it is remarkably unlike any other dance. Three bodies become one in an entanglement of intention, expression and life source.

Visually stunning and compelling just to witness. And for those who enjoy the healing journey dance can provide, it provokes thoughts and even self-evaluation illuminating deep layers of our relationships with the hidden Shadow aspects of our humanness.

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