Who Are You?

Do you know in the depths of your soul who you are? My childhood was difficult. I had a child as a teenager. I can say that even though I dove into life, I didn’t really know who I was. In that regard, I don’t think my experience is unusual – I think... read more

The Medicine of Movement

Fusing truly sacred dance with performance art, Shamanic Fusion Dance is a hybrid of dance in which each performer finds their own unique expressions through dance while embodying the deepest aspects of dance: it’s ability to heal. Dance, when understood at these... read more

About Anandha Ray

After an award-winning, 30-year career in modern dance, Anandha Ray has re-emerged as a fusion choreographer synthesizing the disparate worlds of ethnic dance, ceremony and ritual with modern dance, in a new form called Shamanic Fusion Dance. Seeking to expose the... read more
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