About the work of Anandha Ray…

Who is Anandha Ray?

Anandha has dedicated over 30 years to the study and creation of dance.  She has produced over 300 concerts and choreographed more dances than she can count.  She directed Moving Arts Dance on critically acclaimed international tours as an ambassador for the US Embassy and has received citations from the US Senate and the CA Assembly, has been inducted into the Womens Hall of Fame and as an Honorary Kentucky Colonel. She has 2 masters degrees in dance and she has served as the Chairperson/Director of University and College Dance Programs, a Studio/Theater, and a renown Community Dance Program.  And now… she has created a form of dance called Shamanic Fusion Dance.

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Classes, Ceremonies, Retreats, Immersions, Year-long Trainings and more!

Ray has created Quimera Tribe, a growing community of Shamanic Fusion Dancers who enjoy creating and participating in a wide variety of events throughout the year.  Join us!

Upcoming, Ongoing and Recent Events


Anandha teaches teachers to teach unique classes that she developed.

Through a form called Shamanic Fusion Dance we teach Tribal Secrets

These secrets are revealed in a teaching methodology Anandha created called Intuitive Technique

Another form that is taught in Anandha’s teaching methodology is called Waking Dreams and is a form that opens one’s ability to perform with authentic emotional expressiveness.

Anandha CREATED the forms of teaching dance listed above, and she teaches many other classes as well.


After spending 30 years as a professional choreographer, Anandha now choreographs on:

  • professional companies
  • universities
  • international festival groups
  • her own community group called Quimera Tribe

Performances are ongoing throughout the year, and throughout the world.


Retreats and Immersions


Several times a year Anandha offers retreats and immersions.

These can be from 2-day immersions to weeklong retreats.

They can include:

  • A variety of dance classes
  • Rehearsals and Performances
  • Specific methodologies for the topic of the event
  • Rituals and Ceremonies

These retreats and immersions are offered internationally.  However, annual recurring retreats and immersions occur in Northern California, Southern California and Mexico.


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