About the Iseum of Quimera

What is the Iseum of Quimera?

An Iseum is a gathering or school with the purpose of learning about the priest/esshood of Isis. There are many Iseums in the Temple of Isis.

For many years I ran a project called Quimera Tribe. It is a performance group for Shamanic Fusion Dance. When we opened the Iseum of Quimera with the intention of embodying the Medicine of Movement as our directive, it made sense to take the same name.

A quimera (or chimera) is a beast that is made up of many different animal parts that are fused into a unique beast. In the same way, our form of embodying dance is made up of a fusion of many styles and methodologies that unite into something unique.

When we perform we draw a line down the center of our body from forehead to the bottom of whatever skin shows (down the stomach, too, if it is bare). This line represents our belief that the world exists in balance and thus we walk life in non-duality. We value the dark and light, good and bad, silly and serious, etc. That line is the balancing of all that is into a perfect whole.


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