After an award-winning, 30-year career in modern dance, Anandha Ray has re-emerged as a fusion choreographer synthesizing the disparate worlds of ethnic dance, ceremony and ritual with modern dance, in a new form called Shamanic Fusion Dance.

Seeking to expose the extraordinary within the ordinary, Ray’s work has long delved into the subculture of shadow and light, figuratively and literally. She believes that dance has the potential to change the world, giving pause to the viewer, evoking thoughts and inspiring questions.  In its authentic form, the art of movement speaks human truths and cannot lie.  

For Ray, the synthesis of disparate forms provides a fresh forum for exploration and understanding of the unmistakable beauty of our humanness, and the honesty of our being.  Internationally acclaimed as a dancer, director and choreographer, and recognized as a master teacher, Ray has produced over 300 professional concerts, directed a professional company receiving standing ovations on tours of seven countries and throughout the USA, directed dance departments at a university, a college and a community center, and founded and directed a non-profit dance company as well as a studio/theater.  She is well known for her unique methodologies for training dancers who improve rapidly to attain the highest tenets of professional dance.

Ms. Ray danced principal roles on international tours with dance companies from ASU, UCLA, “A Ludwig Co” in AZ, and “Clarence Teeters and Friends” in NY, in choreography of Merce Cunningham, Laura Dean, Doris Humphrey, Cliff Keuter, Jose’ Limon, Ann Ludwig and Clarence Teeters among many others. She has two Master of Arts degrees from UCLA in fields of dance (choreography with a second major in kinesiology and dance/movement therapy). Her work has been presented commissioned/performed by professional companies, universities and colleges and she was the Chairperson of the Dance Program at the University of the Pacific and Yavapai College, faculty at Santa Monica College, and for over 30 years has led residencies, lectured and choreographed for professional dance companies, universities and festivals as well as adjudicating for several dance festivals and granting committees nationally and internationally.

For her contributions in dance she has been inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame and as an honorary Kentucky Colonel, has received commendations from the US Senate and the CA Assembly, was named as one of 25 Women Leading the Arts and as a Visionary for the 21st Century, received the Las Vegas “Daffy Award” (Dance as an Art Form -2009), Cingular Award for Community Service (2006) and has received numerous grants and awards.  She has received national choreography awards including: sjCHOREOfest (CA 2007, 2011), both the American and the prestigious and highly celebrated National College Dance Festivals (NC 1984, OR & WA 1986, WA 1988, NM 1990), for which she appeared in Dance Magazine 1984, and the one and only Martha Graham Company Festival (AZ 1982) where she was singled out among the five chosen choreographers featured in the festival, and asked to present a private showing of her choreography to Martha herself.  

She in honored to be featured in the upcoming book about professional dancers in the USA, “Stance on Dance: The Dancing Over 50 Project