Anandha Ray invites you to join a TRIBE of dancers who are seeking profound experiences in the world of dance!

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Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.07.56 PMThis Tribe celebrates
healing forms of Ceremony and Ritual through
Shamanic Fusion Dance…Join the TRIBE
Participate in Profound Experiences through the Medicine of Movement
We share
“If you are of the mind to join the new paradigm 
using dance as a vehicle of healing… 
“If you are the soul of a dancer ready to be unleashed 
into healing performance ritual…
“If you are ready to train intensively to bring your dancing 
to the next stage… 
you have found kindred spirits here.” 
                                                          -Anandha Ray

What does this Tribe do?

Under the leadership of

Anandha Ray

this Tribe gathers in ceremony, ritual, workshops, retreats and performances of


Shamanic Fusion Dance is a form of training that takes dance performances and experiences beyond the realm of “art imitating life”…

It is a form that blends the performance art of dance with actual rituals and ceremony.

When Anandha retired as the Artistic Director of Moving Arts Dance -from over 3 decades of choreographing and producing international tours of professional MODERN DANCE, and over 40 years teaching dance in University, College and Community settings- she began seeking

“what was missing”

in the performances she attended.

As a member of the Izzies Dance Awards Committee she attended 40 concerts a year for 3 years, and saw lots of dance of wide varieties.

Though beautiful, there was something significant missing… a mystery that seemed to be present, but was “pretend”.

In the course of her career she had many insights into how performances of dance heals audience members.  She knew that there is a magic to dance that is not well understood.  And she determined to understand it.

In her award winning career as a choreographer and artistic director, the thing she values most are the letters she received from people who revealed how viewing her dances changed their life.  Letters in which readers revealed that they had felt suicidal and after seeing a dance of hers, they felt understood and no longer felt suicidal… letters of grieving widows who said they felt no one understood the depth of their grief until they saw it embodied in one of her dances and now they feel like they can survive this grief because they are not alone, letters from survivors of child abuse who said they could never have imagined that something so dark and ugly could be embodied in a dance performance that gave voice to the horrors of child abuse so beautifully.  For Anandha, dance has always been a vehicle to shine light upon the darkness with the goal of helping the world heal these hidden shadows that separate us.  And her dances “erred on the edge of the healing arts” -Dance Magazine 1984.

And so, as she retired from a full-time career producing dance concerts and tours, she began to research to discover what it is that makes dance so effective at healing deep wounds.  And she began to look into CEREMONY and RITUAL through dance.

As the Great-Granddaughter of a Cherokee Medicine Man, in the age of Queen archetype, and having lived a life dedicated to dance, Ray deepened her connection to the path of healing, ceremony, ritual.  From attending indigenous dance ceremonies in the desert of Mexico, to cloaking herself in the study of the Red Path and Eastern Mysteries and even becoming a Priestess of Isis, she began to understand why and how DANCE CAN BE AN ACTUAL CEREMONY, rather than just portray the aesthetics of mystery.  To find this she had to leave the world of concert dance and dive into ritual experiences, in the fields, in the mountains, with elders and through sacred medicines.  As she began to decipher what made rituals and ceremonies real and effective methods of healing in communities, she found what was missing from concert performances… she began revealing dance performance AS healing art; the sacred ritual of performance!

And Shamanic Fusion Dance was born.

Through Ray’s research and experiences, she has unraveled the mysteries of how dance ignites the human spirit… and where the ART of dance can drop deeply into the realm where dance is SACRED.  She has formulated a way of training dancers which teaches how dance communicates, how dance heals and at the same time catapults the dancers physical abilities to amazing levels of athletic expression.  She calls this form SHAMANIC FUSION DANCE.


Shamanic Fusion Dance is a form of dance that holds two distinct objectives:

  1. The development of the highest tenets of the art and expression of dance
  2. The creation of “dances of significance,” those that open healing portals for both the performers and the audience

Thus, Shamanic Fusion Dance incorporates both the physical and expressive training that Anandha developed in her professional career, which gave her dancers their critical acclaim as world class artists in the realm of concert dance.  AND, Shamanic Fusion Dance sheds light on the healing aspects of performance.

Shamanic Fusion Dance…

is a pathway to unlock and share the mysteries of the human experience through the modality of dance as ritual performance.

Anandha is the Gatekeeper of TRIBAL SECRETS

“Secrets” that are now being revealed to teach immediate access to perfect technique, rich performances and healing power of dance.

The teaching of Tribal Secrets is done through the methodologies of Shamanic Fusion Dance. These secrets are succinct, precise information that have been garnered through decades of experience in dance.  These secrets reveal aspects about dance that are often absorbed only by professional dancers and only learned through experiences that help one figure it out themselves.  These secrets, when revealed, awaken immediate responses that propel the dancer’s understanding of movement to new levels right away.

After over 4 decades training professional dancers and choreographers, mentoring artistic directors and teaching dance teachers, Anandha Ray has developed a manner to teach dance that reveals not just the way to move the body as a dancer, but reveals the Tribal Secrets to attaining the most powerful, succinct, accelerated pathway to mastering this amazing artistic and athletic performance expression, and becoming a profound dance artist.

Anandha Ray has two masters degrees in dance, recognizing three areas of expertise. One is in Choreography with an emphasis on Emotional Expressiveness of Movement, and a second major in Kinesiology (the study of movement). The other masters degree is in Dance / Movement Therapy (a psychological form using movement to heal the mind).

Having been instrumental in the development of modern dance in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, she has developed Shamanic Fusion Dance, a curriculum of training the human body as a dancer, that connects movement, emotions and risk, to move any dancer to their highest levels of achievement. To do so, she combined her three areas of expertise, with over 30 years experience as an award-winning professional choreographer, and culled a method of teaching dance through which YOU learn to dance in YOUR authentic expression, rather learning steps or combinations that are someone else’s expression or style.

It is important to Anandha that you learn to express your authentic self and that you learn to do so in a manner that is of the highest artistic, athletic and soulful manner.  This form is so effective and concise that it reveals to you that you already ARE the dancer you want to be!

And remarkably, this form is so powerful that through the rituals and ceremonies that are incorporated in Shamanic Fusion Dance, you will come to understand, own and feel confident in fully becoming your true authentic self.

An award winning choreographer for over 30 years, Anandha Ray has choreographed over 100 major works, produced more than 300 concerts, and as director of Moving Arts Dance has toured extensively throughout the US and internationally. As a Cultural Ambassador for the US Embassy, she has received standing ovations from sold-out premiere international venues in seven countries, to edgy black box theaters in deep urban recesses of San Francisco. She has received citations from the US Senate, The California Assembly, the Women’s Hall of Fame, Las Vegas Award for Dance as an Art Form, and received choreography awards from the American Dance Festival, the National College Dance Festival, Amercian College Dance Association and sjCHOREOfest among others.  


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